Unboxing & Initial impressions of the Samsung Galaxy S III – GT-i9300 – SGS3

Here is my unboxing video:

Here are the pictures:
Click on them, to open them and see them in a larger size, enjoy!

Initial Impressions
I’m falling in love with the SGS3 the more I use it.
I’ve been using it for a day and here are my impressions of it so far:
In summary the pro’s and con’s so far:
-CPU Speed
-Browsing/3G/wi-fi speed
-Display (a big step-up here, to the S1’s screen)
-Sound quality (extremely positive signs)
-Screen size is big (could be seen as a pro or con)
-LED lights at the bottom of the phone are very nice (there is no button markings)
-LED light at the top of the S3 is very useful for knowing when you have notifications (BLN type)
-Camera is a huge step-up over the S1’s lens -> The camera firmware has now been updated with a newer firmware, from GDFD06 to GDFE01 (see pictures)
-Photo taking speed is extremely fast
-SD read/write speeds are very fast
-Benchmark tests boast quite a bit of speed
-Very much like the longer charging cable, alongside with the increased thickness of the wire
-Face unlock works perfectly fine
-Pop-out video

-Blue colour, is more purple-ish – especially the home button
-Screen size is big (could be seen as a pro or con)
-Home button is too small
-Disappointed to find white earphones
-S-voice is terrible
-Hand gestures aren’t consistent
-Un-customisable toggles in notification bar


Here are some benchmark tests – ran evenly on both devices.
I personally don’t take benchmarks seriously, and don’ fully trust them – however thought to compare the S1 and S3 just for the sake of it.
Print screens for the S3 are above!

SGS 1 – GT-I9000
Nenamark2: 22.5 FPS
Nenamark1: 48 FPS
Antutu: 3060 Total score
Billion Counter: 51.35 secs
Vellamo: 590

SGS 3 – GT-I9300
Nenamark2: 58.9 FPS
Nenamark1: 60.0 FPS
Antutu: 12098 Total score
Billion Counter: 28.805secs
Vellamo: 2047

A full review will come, but give me some time to get used to it, and more so fully test it!

2 thoughts on “Unboxing & Initial impressions of the Samsung Galaxy S III – GT-i9300 – SGS3

  1. Sinke

    Congratulations on your purchase of a new S3
    I must admit that I’m even a little jealous because his price for me is still too expensive
    until it comes my time to buy, I will watch your videos and dream about the S3 in my hands :-))
    one question left, how did you put the app´s on google which they are installed automatically when logging into google account with your phone
    What to do on the google and other steps

    1. TotallydubbedHD Post author

      I didn’t it got “ported” from my S1 – I just had to put my google account, and google knew what I had purchased/downloaded in the past – and thus recovered the last known apps. Even though I was on a different device 🙂
      And soon bro :P!


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