How to root & install CWM Recovery on the Samsung Galaxy S III – GT-i9300 – SGS3

Here is the video:

CF root XDA thread
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After rooting my device, being on LE8, the LF2 update came out.
I thus decided to upgrade via KIES, whilst being rooted.
Upon upgrading via Kies, to LF2, where my S3 successfully, whilst being rooted with CF root, lost root, after upgrading officially with Kies.
I thus was on LF2, officially via Kies, but had no more root.

I went ahead, after losing root on the LF2 upgrade, and regained root, via the same method.
I just thought I should mention this for people wondering about losing root after upgrading via Kies.

Hope you enjoyed the guide!

4 thoughts on “How to root & install CWM Recovery on the Samsung Galaxy S III – GT-i9300 – SGS3

  1. Zubayr

    Hi man, i preformed this a few years ago however my s3 has suddenly started getting stuck on the samsung logo on start up. I wanted to know if I could do this again or should i preform a factory reset? Or id there any other solution you can think of to help me?

    Thanks in advance.

    1. TotallydubbedHD Post author

      Root and CWM (as long it was the right cwm version for the phone model) shouldn’t cause it to stay stuck.
      Instead of a FR, try clearing the cache first. If that also doesn’t work (give it 10 mins to boot), then yeah you’ll need to factory reset it!


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