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Hi there stranger!

My name is Chris, I’m the owner, administrator and sole-writer of this website.
I established my name on the Interwebz back in 2007, where I started to make gaming montages and quest guides for Runescape on YouTube, under the name of Totallydubbed. I quickly found a lot of people started watching my content, as they liked the way I explained certain aspects of the game.
As time passed, I decided to branch into technology, another one of passions. I started picking up anything I had laying around my room and reviewing it, making unboxing videos and/or “how to” guides. I thus decided to separate my two channels. One dedicated for gaming: Totallydubbed and the other for technology: TotallydubbedHD.
In 2010 is when I made my move and transferred all my reviews and tech-related content to my secondary YouTube channel, which then later turned into my main channel: TotallydubbedHD.

My reviews and guides became successful, especially my Samsung Galaxy S1 guides on flashing ROMs and Kernels. I quickly became the world number one video maker in the world for ROM videos of the Samsung Galaxy S1. With this success, I became a Recognised Contributor over at XDA Developers, the biggest Android forum in the world. This was a huge honour for me, as I had always used XDA as a reference point for my guides.

In early 2012, I decided to launch this website – it was a stepping stone for what was to become a hub for all my written reviews. In mid/late 2012, I decided to start porting over all my written reviews I had written, be it on AmazonUK (where I later became a Top 500 reviewer in the UK), certain forums or new products I had thoughts on. It became an instant success – in just under a year and a half I had already hit half a million views on my website.

What about the YouTube thing?
It still went on, my gaming channel, unfortunately, slowed down, as I started posting less on that platform (despite having 1,500 subscribers and over 1.5 million views) – however, my tech channel was constantly expanding and at some points exploding more than I could imagine!
It thus became my main YouTube channel, as I was constantly posting videos on there – almost every week, there would be 2 or more videos.

Now I’m here where I literally “started from the bottom” (yes that’s a Drake reference!) and got to where I am now. Not once was I been featured on any YouTube channel or really took advantage of the Partner Scheme by Google. Thus, all I’ve got and accomplished has come from hard work and dedication. Everything you see on my website, on forums or on my YouTube channels are a result of me striving hard to be one of the most honest reviewers you’ll ever come across.
I don’t take payment from companies, I don’t endorse companies nor do I ever act dishonestly to my audience. I might not be a huge influence on the internet, but I want to at least have an impact, by being an honest reviewer that people can trust. A lot of reviewers these days are paid, bias or just plain uneducated in their chosen field(s). I’ve stuck to what I know best and built upon that.

All my work is completely free – I even suggest you use AdBlock on my videos (as there shouldn’t be any adverts on them) – and all my work is self-funded. I’ve had the pleasure of receiving items over the years, but not once have I been paid for what I do (not from YouTube, nor my “fans”). Thus, why I’ve become an Amazon Associate to make a commission on qualifying purchases.

Other than that, I work full time now and always make time to reply to comments or questions within 24hrs (if not minutes). If I don’t reply within a month, I’ve either missed your comment (very rare, unless Google goes crazy) or I’m presumed dead…. anyway, I hope this gives you a good idea of who I am and what I do!

If you wish to contact me, for business enquiries you can do so by either leaving a reply on any of my posts, reaching out to me on socia media or sending me an email.


46 thoughts on “About Me & Contact

  1. noone

    Hi Totallydubbed! i found your post quite helpful…only that my Galaxy S3 GT-I9300 recently somehow was displaying all the colours of rainbow on the top right hand corner of the screen. Figuring water might have seeped into the device, i took the back panel off and put it under a room heater for several hours. Then afterwards when i switched on the phone the screen appeared same as before, large portion of the top right hand corner all smudged with rainbow shades, but the rest of the screen was ok along with all other functionalities. Then i went and put the device under the sun, screen up for couple of hours. and now the phone makes noise, vibrates blue led blinks on the left corner but the entire screen is black and stays blackened. even kies can read the phone but no dispaly at all … so i have backed it up. But is there any way i can get the screen back without sending it for repairs or buying a new screen?
    Please advice.

    1. TotallydubbedHD Post author

      Hi there,

      As far as I’m aware, that looks like you’ll need physical hardware. Sounds like the screen has had some damage (either pressure or water).
      Sorry bro – can’t help no more on that front!

    2. Jon

      Hi Totallydubbed! I am enjoyed watching your monitors reviews on youtube. I just want to know what camera do you use for your video footage?

  2. sean

    Hey…i need a recommendation on a bluetooth headset. I need something that can satisfy the following criterion
    1.pc game friendly (low latency)
    2.balanced for music
    3.suitable for work out
    4.high resale value

    I looked at harman kardon bt…but the design in just fugly. Beats studio wireless 2.0 is known to have latency problems. My budget is 400 usd or less. Must be bluetooth. Thanks in advanced.

    1. TotallydubbedHD Post author

      Hmm not really sure about Bluetooth to be honest. I would recommend the Steelseries wireless H though, but that’s wireless, not Bluetooth.
      Other than that, haven’t really tried many Bluetooth headphones or earphones to give you a good recommendation.

  3. abdou

    i saw your video about unrooting and i would like to tell my problem !!
    i installed the cyanogenmod on my galaxy s3,but now i want to go back to the official version!
    i installed Odin but the problem is i can’t find the proper firmware for my phone. i have a galaxy s3 GT-I9300
    I9300BXXGNF1in my old official version i had jellybean 4.3 and with the cyanogenmod 11 i have kitkat 4.4.4 now i want to go back to my old official version. can you please help me!!!
    i’m waiting for your reply and thank you very much .

    1. TotallydubbedHD Post author

      Hi buddy, best bet is to go to sammobile and get the latest unbranded BTU firmware – and then you can flash that one :)!
      Doesn’t have to be exactly the same one, nor the oldest one – it can be a newer version.

  4. John

    Hi Chris! While I may not be an “audiophile”, I seriously like to listen to music and I am considering getting the Shure SE846 earphones. It is very expensive, but I heard it sounds good and it looks quite cool to me, I just want to hear your thoughts and opinions on it, and whether it is worth the money. I am mainly going to use it for on the go listening on my iPhone 5 (I hope the iPhone is good enough to play music). Thanks in advance πŸ™‚

    1. TotallydubbedHD Post author

      Hi there buddy!
      I’ve only briefly tried the SE846, so I can’t really comment too much on it – my first impressions were very positive though – a mix between the SE535 (taking its mids and highs) and adding that very much needed low-end to it, via the extra driver.
      I did feel they were overpriced for what they offered though – but again, that was my first, brief, impressions.

  5. Nikolas Roufos

    Hi Chris,
    Thank u for your review. It was very informative and helpful. Could you please tell me if I was to buy 2 of the LSX 170 speakers, one for each bedside table, can they be paired? What I mean by that is play a song and both speakers work at the same time. Thank u in advance.

  6. Peter Blake

    Hey, just wondered what your thoughts are on the akg k3003i. How does it compare to say the Phonak AudΓ©o PFE 232? Which would you prefer as far as sound quality goes? Also any other thoughts on it?

    1. TotallydubbedHD Post author

      Hey Peter,
      Well I’ve only demo’ed the AKG’s as AKG never sent them to me for review! The PFE232 are more v-shaped sounding and less revealing in terms of their mids and highs. The AKLG’s are a lot more refined and produce a much more accurate sound. Considering they’re about 2-3x more expensive, you would expect it – but personally feel the PFE 232s fro their price, punch above their weight when compared to the AKG’s.
      What I prefer in the PFEs is their removable cable an lightweight design.
      Purely SQ it would have to be the AKG’s (from the demo)

      1. Peter Blake

        Just one other thing, is there a better earphone than the k3003i that you know of? I was thinking about getting the k3003i, but since I’m paying that much already is there a better one at that price point? Plus it would be nice to get one with a replaceable cable. Also, any other recommendations that you know of come to mind?

        1. TotallydubbedHD Post author

          To be honest with you, I would be inclined to venture into custom earphones if you can. I personally own and use the harschacoustic SH-2 CIEM, and to me they’re better than what the AKG’s offer and are better than the PFE232s.
          There are so many more CIEMs out there too, especially at that ridiculously higher price, but I can’t comment on them as I haven’t head them myself. I think what the AKGs do ina universal is nice, but if you’re really serious about audio and your ears can accept and get used to a CIEM, then I would think a CIEM would be a much better option all-round (from drivers and crossover to isolation)

  7. SAQIB


    I bought a Used samsung galaxy phone few days ago which is international model (G935F) only Kit in GOLD COLOR.

    He gave me the box as well but its not the box from my kit its some one else box but original. because its a box for Pink Gold Samsung.

    I checked the IMEI number on the box and on the phone its same IMEI number and the Strange thing is that the phone show itself color PINK GOLD but the original color is GOLD. i check all this information from the APP called “Phone Info”

    after few days i started investigation about how its possible the phone color is Gold and Phone Info app shows me Pink Gold color.

    After That I check the imei number is blacklist or not and i found the imei number blacklist in one website and i think that is from US side.

    Again the phone is working perfectly and its battery life is Awesome. I am in love with the phone. and dont want to return back to the shop. πŸ™ but i think i should return him and get refund.

    Final thing i check on the rare side of the phone there is IMEI number which do not match the the Phone Info.

    What Should i do. can i keep that because its working perfect.? or return it? that mobile would be shutdown anytime? can i update that phone to Nougat version? Why anyone did all this things with this Awesome phone. ?

    Looking forward for your resonance . Thanks in advance.

    1. TotallydubbedHD Post author


      Not sure – you should double check that that’s the case. Often phones might go under repair, where their chassis colours might change. If however their signal works and the phone works without any problems – I wouldn’t worry about it.
      I cannot say if it’ll be shutdown or locked at any point. Given how old the phone is, I don’t see that happening.
      You can only update, if the firmware has been released by Samsung, or if you custom flash it (at your riske).


  8. Tom Chapin


    Hoping maybe you can help me make a decision. I’ve been searching and reading reviews for hours and hours trying to decide on a new monitor to use with my PS4 Pro, which is how I found your YouTube channel and subsequently your website. Would you happen to have a recommendation for a monitor for the PS4 Pro? I’m looking for something that will take advantage of what the Pro has to offer without getting features that the Pro doesn’t support (If that’s even possible). For example is it necessary to get a monitor that displays at 3840 x 2160 when the Pro will downscale that or a 144 Hz monitor when the Pro only supports 60 Hz. I understand that monitor technology has taken some pretty healthy jumps recently. What makes it difficult is that it’s virtually impossible to find a place where I can see the monitor hooked up to a Pro and therefore I’m a little reluctant to purchase one without input from someone like yourself who knows much more about this than I do even after all the reading I’ve done.
    I will only use the monitor for gaming on the Pro and I almost exclusively play COD. I guess like most I would ultimately like a monitor that will give me the best picture quality without suffering too much on the performance side such as a really high input lag that you might get from a TV.
    Sorry for the long comment but I wanted to provide some detail in regards to what I was looking for in hopes that it may make it a bit easier for you to help. If you are not able to make a recommendation I completely understand and would like to thank you for listening.
    PS. I love the reviews you do on your YouTube channel

  9. Trevor

    Have you tested the Phantom Gold speaker yet?
    I have seen the Phantom Reactor Video but could not find anything from you about the Phantom Gold.
    Hope to hear from you.
    Regards Mr T Vallance.
    PS Please do not forward my e-Mail Address / details to anyone.

  10. jesse

    hey totally dubbed ive wat ched your vids but its quite hard for me to deside could u recommend me like 1 or 2 monitors for em yo upgrade to? currently got an benq zowie xl2411p ,i do competitve play thats why the va panels kinda scare me since their a little show and im scared ill notice it tn pannel im not sure since i rather have an ips but in general i want an upgrade im looking at between the 250 and 380 ish mark euros wise hope to hear form u soon

  11. Nelly

    Hey πŸ™‚ I am searching currently for a monitor that helps me with graphic design. I am a beginner in graphic design. For this reason i am not looking for a professional monitor. I minimal my search to tow monitors the first one is the AOC Q27P2Q and the second one is the Philips 275B1. I watched your video to the 245B1 thats the reason why I am writting to you. You seem like you know a lot about monitors. You can probelly help me. I game some times. More likely indie games. Singelplayergames. So in all I am looking for a monitor for (beginner) graphic design and a little bit of gamming.

    I hope you can help me to decide. I tried searching for some review, but can’t find some. Just yours for 245B1.

  12. David


    I’m looking for a 27″ monitor I can use for video conferencing which I can connect to my M1 Mac mini. I purchased a Lenovo ThinkCentre Tiny-in-one which is a great monitor but my Mac can’t access the camera. Lenovo produces Windows drivers for the camera but nothing for MacOS so I’m sending it back. So A Mac compatible monitor with built in camera is what I’m after – can you suggest any to look at? I just watched your latest Philips 272B7QUBHEB review but it looks like the camera is again designed for use in windows.

    Many thanks

    1. TotallydubbedHD Post author

      Can’t think of one from the top of my head that I’ve tested, which has a good built-in webcam.
      I’d personally suggest getting an external webcam; that’s what I do, and means you don’t have to be limited in terms of choice nor pay the premium for a poor-quality camera.

  13. David

    That’s great and thanks for responding so quickly. I certainly want a second monitor so maybe I’ll opt for a webcam and separate monitor – is there a monitor (27″) and webcam you would suggest I look at – Mac compatible obviously!

    Thanks again

  14. Isidor

    I looked at your Pocketalk video and was looking at buying one. However, when I looked into it, there’s was an oval model which is cheaper than the rectangle model in your video presentation. One is twice the price of the other. Is there a difference between the two?


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