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Custom Art – Silverline Interconnect & PFE232 custom tips – An amazing experience!

I recently bought Custom Art’s Silverline Interconnect for my portable rig and a set of custom moulded ear tips for my PFE232’s.
First, the cable:
I wanted a durable, flexible, good quality and good looking cable. Custom Art offered a cable like this for a very reasonable price of £21.
I went ahead and bought the 7cm interconnect, that has a straight jack on one end and an angled one on the other – it also is triple braided with a 5N silver cable.

I got the cable in, and ever since I have had it in my possession, I’ve loved every minute with it. It brings out the mids of the PFE232’s and doesn’t dampen the quality of the music, unlike with other cables I’ve tried in the past. More so, the cable is so tiny and extremely flexible that it works very well with my rig.

The cable was thus perfect and I hope it lasts very long for me.

Here are some pictures of the cable:

Unto the ear moulds:
The custom ear tips were extremely small in size, meaning they aren’t like full custom ear moulds. That said, with it being custom, it would block out more noise than your average ear tip. I thus went ahead and bought that for around £35. The price was extremely reasonable and very much affordable.
The quality of the finish of the ear tips is top-class, and really well done. The only negative thing I found on them, is that the hole on the end of the ear tip, meaning that the soundstage of the earphones was slightly reduced. That said, after speaking with the owner of Custom Art, Piotr, he said he could easily open the hole, in order to widen the soundstage a bit. He chose to put a small hole as it was how the PFE232’s drivers were, which is completely understandable, in order not to modify the sensational sound of the PFE232’s.

The ear tips, increased the sub-bass response and power of the mid-bass of the PFE232’s, but also due to an earphone tip that doesn’t alter the sound, unlike the Comply Foam tips, the mids were also a bit more up-front. As said above, the soundstage felt a little less open, but that could have easily been changed.
Overall the sound quality was an improvement, and the experience was great. However, for me the earphone tips weren’t comfortable for long periods of time. This has nothing to do with Custom Art, as I had the same discomfort with my 1964ears ear moulds. Thus meaning the earphone tip impressions were at fault, not the ear moulds themselves.
If I get around in making new ear impressions, I will send my tips back to Piotr, in order for them to be re-moulded (he was very kind in letting me do that).

Here are the pictures of the ear tips:

I hope this posts helps you out!
I would strongly suggest buying from Piotr, as not only was his products and craftsmanship excellent, but his customer service was absolutely phenomenal. A MUCH BETTER experience than dealing with other custom earphone companies out there, be it in the UK or in the USA.
Go check out his facebook page, for more pictures of his other works!

Unboxing, Pictures & Initial Impressions of the Epiphany Acoustics EHP-O2D (DAC) headphone amplifier & MJ2 Interconnect

Here is my Unboxing Video:

Here are the pictures:
Click on them, to open them and see them in a larger size, enjoy!

Initial Impressions
Here are my initial impressions of the EHP-O2D:
-Powerful amp
-Well built
-Beautiful design
-Quick switching between low and high gain
-Very simple plug and play into PC
-ODAC works marvellously
-Drives my Denon AH-D2000’s very well
-With no music playing, HDD can be heard on the PC (whilst connected via USB)
-Clear representation of the music – Transparent sounding
-Clean and lean bass response
-Bulky (white) power adapter
-Works on my Samsung Galaxy S 3 GT-I9300 as a USB DAC (needs power though), and thus by-passes the audio 3.5mm jack of the SGS3

Overall the EHP-O2D is extremely impressive. For the very affordable price of sub £200 for both a DAC and AMP, it seems to be the perfect solution for people like me who want a desktop headphone amp, that produces a very clear and transparent reproduction.
I’ve been very much enjoying the amp, and so far it puts my Asus Xonar D1 > Logitech Z-5500 > Denon AH-D2000 to shame. My desktop headphone rig is currently using the EHP-O2D, directly being connected via USB, and being used directly via “output” to my Denon’s. I can finally enjoy music at home, through my PC, for late night listening, or audio analysis/reviewing – whereas beforehand I would have to use my SGS3 for a more “truer” sound.

The full review of the EHP-O2D has now been published – Click here

Here are my impressions of the MJ2 interconnect (2m red):
-Beautifully made
-Great quality wire
-Good jacks, with no signs of problems throughout the wire (unlike other wires I’ve previously owned)
-Reproduces music very well, and brings out the mids, with no loss of sound
-Flexible enough, but not so much so that I can make it twist a full 180 degrees on it (I suspect this is mainly due to the fact that this wire is long, and has a nice sheeting around it, thus rendering it less flexible – its use is made for the desk, and not on the go, another reason why I bought the 2m version of it)

Overall my initial impressions of the MJ2 cable are extremely positive, especially at the price point it comes at (around £13) – it should be a no brainer for anyone looking for a 3.5mm interconnect.

Here are my impressions of the MJ2 interconnect (7cm black):
-Well made, craftsmanship is very good
-Has a nice reinforced jack
-Great sound quality

I am also impressed of the short 7cm interconnect, mainly because of the sound quality that I get from it!

Hope you enjoyed the unboxing, pictures & the initial impressions!