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Unboxing, Pictures & Initial Impressions of the Epiphany Acoustics EHP-O2D (DAC) headphone amplifier & MJ2 Interconnect

Here is my Unboxing Video:

Here are the pictures:
Click on them, to open them and see them in a larger size, enjoy!

Initial Impressions
Here are my initial impressions of the EHP-O2D:
-Powerful amp
-Well built
-Beautiful design
-Quick switching between low and high gain
-Very simple plug and play into PC
-ODAC works marvellously
-Drives my Denon AH-D2000’s very well
-With no music playing, HDD can be heard on the PC (whilst connected via USB)
-Clear representation of the music – Transparent sounding
-Clean and lean bass response
-Bulky (white) power adapter
-Works on my Samsung Galaxy S 3 GT-I9300 as a USB DAC (needs power though), and thus by-passes the audio 3.5mm jack of the SGS3

Overall the EHP-O2D is extremely impressive. For the very affordable price of sub £200 for both a DAC and AMP, it seems to be the perfect solution for people like me who want a desktop headphone amp, that produces a very clear and transparent reproduction.
I’ve been very much enjoying the amp, and so far it puts my Asus Xonar D1 > Logitech Z-5500 > Denon AH-D2000 to shame. My desktop headphone rig is currently using the EHP-O2D, directly being connected via USB, and being used directly via “output” to my Denon’s. I can finally enjoy music at home, through my PC, for late night listening, or audio analysis/reviewing – whereas beforehand I would have to use my SGS3 for a more “truer” sound.

The full review of the EHP-O2D has now been published – Click here

Here are my impressions of the MJ2 interconnect (2m red):
-Beautifully made
-Great quality wire
-Good jacks, with no signs of problems throughout the wire (unlike other wires I’ve previously owned)
-Reproduces music very well, and brings out the mids, with no loss of sound
-Flexible enough, but not so much so that I can make it twist a full 180 degrees on it (I suspect this is mainly due to the fact that this wire is long, and has a nice sheeting around it, thus rendering it less flexible – its use is made for the desk, and not on the go, another reason why I bought the 2m version of it)

Overall my initial impressions of the MJ2 cable are extremely positive, especially at the price point it comes at (around £13) – it should be a no brainer for anyone looking for a 3.5mm interconnect.

Here are my impressions of the MJ2 interconnect (7cm black):
-Well made, craftsmanship is very good
-Has a nice reinforced jack
-Great sound quality

I am also impressed of the short 7cm interconnect, mainly because of the sound quality that I get from it!

Hope you enjoyed the unboxing, pictures & the initial impressions!