2 thoughts on “EHP-O2D – Connected via USB OTG to my SGS3

  1. James

    Hi I have an s3 and was thinking of getting the 02 only. Do you think its worth getting the ODAC also? I heard the Wilson DAC which comes with the s3 was fairly decent- certainly not great, but is the extra $$ worth it?

    Also Im a newbie, I want very loud sound with loud bass especially. Did you ask them to change the stock gain to 6.5 or did you keep it at 2.5?

    Finally what cables do I need? It looks like you have an OTG cable (male mini/micro? jack on one end to a female USB 2.0 jack on the other end) and then another cable (presumably USB jack (male) on one end which plugs into the OTG, and then the other end must be a 3.5mm which plugs into the O2 combo unit? Is that correct? Where did you get these cables and what brand do you recommend? If you could provide links on Amazon, I would be very grateful! Thanks for your time. I really do appreciate it. I was going to buy the fiio E17, but then heard about compatibility issues with the S3, so I am so glad you confirmed this setup with the O2 worked. Sincerely, James Wright

    1. TotallydubbedHD Post author

      Hey James!
      Wow so many questions!

      -Ok first of all, the O2 is brilliant as an amp – standalone
      Here’s the o2: http://epiphany-acoustics.co.uk/products-page/headphone-amplifiers/ehp-o2-portable-headphone-amplifier/
      The DAC is the icing on the cake, as I can use it as an amp for my PC.
      So if you are also looking into a DAC or a soundcard for the PC, I wouldn’t look further, than then EPH-O2D:

      -The audio chip on the S3 is reasonably good, but to drive headphones like my D2K’s an amp is needed. The beauty of this amp, over other ones I’ve heard (especially at its price range) is that it delivers crisp and transparent music. Whereas other amps out there tame it a little.

      -The gain, I’m pretty sure is bumped up more than I need it. It easily drives my D2K’s on LOW gain and on HIGH gain it becomes insanely loud.

      -Cable wise – this really depends on what you are getting:
      If you are getting the O2D – then it would be wise to by-pass the S3’s internal chip and use the O2D’s DAC instead -> thus for that a USB OTG converter
      If you are just getting the O2 (the amp only) then that connects via 3.5mm -> thus meaning you’ll need a 3.5mm going into your S3.

      For links – the only one you’ll need is this OTG converter (if you choose the O2D):

      I also suggest, if you want a cable, to get the MJ2 directly from epiphany, they are top-class cables and superb prices!

      Hope this helps mate!
      I haven’t tried or heard the E17, but I can tell you for sure, that the E11 gets put in its own place after listening to the EPH-O2D. The E11, is in a lower, different league.


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