Unboxing & Initial Impressions of the Monster Miles Davis Tributes

Here is the unboxing video:

Initial impressions + thoughts
Literally OUT THE BOX impressions! Dynamics change A LOT in sound, with burn-in – so remember that!
-Amazing box contents
-Beautiful design
-Lovely, quite heavy box
-Cable is a little tangle prone
-Nice colour of cable
-Bass is over-powereing (yup more mid bass than the MG7’s – almost TFTA styled)
-Superb mids and highs
-WTF, are these burned in or something? lol – They already sound great!
-Sound stage a little muffled
-Comply T400’s in blue, they fit well for the colour 😛 – much more comfortable than the stock tip (olive shaped)
-Doing really well atm…hmmm these are sounding like keepers, MG7’s might be facing the FS forum.

Literally first hear of these and they are very, very impressive!

To read my final review of these – click here

Here are some pictures!

I bought it directly from monster: (it was a clear-out sale for around $150)


16 thoughts on “Unboxing & Initial Impressions of the Monster Miles Davis Tributes

    1. TotallydubbedHD Post author

      Hey mate!

      Yes I will do indeed – however I’m giving the MDT’s some time before jumping to conclusions 🙂
      So give me a week or 2 and a full review of the MDT’s should be up, with references tot he MG7’s & ASG-1’s

  1. Prakhar

    Alright cool. I loved your reviews on head-fi and many of your preferences seem to match mine.
    If you dont mind me asking, would you be able to tell me why you were banned? I apologize if you do not wish to discuss it but I am just a bit curious. Regardless of that, I like your content. Keep up the good work!

    1. TotallydubbedHD Post author

      Hey bro!
      Cheers for the compliment :)!

      To be quite honest I have no idea myself.
      Jude said he would look into the issue and stated it was only a 7day ban – but I have no other email from him, nor any idea if it will be lifted.
      From the email I got sent from the admin who banned me – I understood two things:
      -I’m supposedly a member of trade?
      -I was “rude” to someone, who insulted 5 head-fi members – apparently telling someone off for being rude gets you banned?

      Either or, I’m done with review on head-fi – after getting banned this time, I won’t be posting any more reviews there, but instead be posting them here.
      ie. my EX510 review which is live, my ASG-1 review, my MDT review, and my denon wood cup guide!

  2. DJ XtAzY

    Hi! I love your awesome reviews and I can’t wait till you review the Monsters. I’m a bass head myself but I’m still debating which headphones to get. I owned an IE8 before but I gave it away. After watching your Atrio M5 review, I almost made a final decision to get those until I saw your latest video and it seems your tone (from the blog) prefers the Monsters better. I know you just got the Monsters not long ago, but would you prefer Hippo VB, Atrio M5, or Monster Miles (just a quick opinion)? I don’t think you reviewed the Hippo’s but I see people recommending them for bass lovers. Another reason why I change my decision to get the Atrio is about your comment about its soundstage. I loved IE8’s huge soundstage. Again can’t wait for your review about the Davis soon! Thanks!

    1. DJ XtAzY

      Just to add I love sub-bass too and I don’t think I will be using a portable amp. I will get one if those headphones requires one, after all I’m planning to use my iPhone with the headphones.

      1. TotallydubbedHD Post author

        Nop none of them need it!

        Possibly if you are deaf like me, then a little amp like the E6/5/1 could do – but these don’t need to be driven really. Especially not the MDt’s which are around 2 click (thus 6dB’s louder than my MG7’s)

    2. TotallydubbedHD Post author

      Hey man!

      Well, my review is coming up very very soon!
      Currently going through it as we speak :)!

      Hopefully by the end of today or tomorrow it will be up.

      In terms of comparison…well really depends what you are looking for and listening to.
      Mid-bass = MDT’s
      Sub-bass = MG7’s
      Overall mids & highs = MG7’s

      I think both need a lil tweaking EQ wise, and the MDT’s really need it or else they seem too boomy sounding and plain. To give them a little life, I feel a bump in the mids and highs, is needed. Also there is no need to amp either the MG7’s or MDT’s – I just do it as I add extra bass when needed & the ZO2 gives me a nice fuller sound 🙂

      1. DJ XtAzY

        Thanks for your quick response! I’ve made my decision and decide to get the MG7’s ^__^ . Now I just need to find site that sells genuine ones and a great price! Thanks for your help!

        1. TotallydubbedHD Post author

          Hey man – my review is up online 😀
          Did it first, as you wanted it – so I decided to finish it off!

          My suggestion, is buying them off head-fi, as there was a deal with them for around $120, they can be picked up, at around the price I bought them at, of $95

  3. akash

    Hello, Yes I like your reviews too. sorry to hear you were banned onn Head-fi….after all the great reviews you’ve posted…all the best

  4. kimchee411

    Hi, saw your reply to my post on your WTB thread on Head-fi for an MX Revolution. If you’re still interested and have somebody in the US who I can ship it to, send me an email. Thanks.


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