Unboxing & Initial impressions of the Aurisonics ASG-1 – Generic Fit

Here is my unboxing video:

To read my final review – click here

Here are my initial impressions however:
These were quite literally out the box impressions
So please, do remember that, as with burn-in they do change, quite significantly!

Here goes:
-Sounds like the IE8’s – very distant music
-Sound is very flat, but then every now and then u get mid spikes – I didn’t realise it until I heard it on certain songs, which made me almost jump
-Bass is present – nothing earth shaking, and out of memory the ASG-1’s are better than the IE7/8’s, better than the W2’s – not the same quantity as the C710’s nor TFTA, nor MG7’s though, but these aren’t supposed to be bass heavy earphones.
-Highs feel a little rolled off – EQ helps quite a lot here
-EQ plays quite a huge role in these, you can EQ them to your preference, and they respond very well
-No fit issues with the left driver, however with the right one, it was a whole different story: At first it was hardly was going in – and as I got the earphones off, the tip was stuck in my ear. These STOCK silicone tips aren’t the best for comfort or isolation with my ears (The Tx-500’s change this however, and quite remarkably)
-Wire is by far the best I have ever used – better than the Westone cables.
-Otterbox was/is a pain to open

-After a few days of using them, I’ve had troubles with the fit, which means that I’ve had a little trouble of them being comfortable in my ears – I even had pain in and around my ears due to their fit, this is not in-ear fit (tips and what not) this is purely the shape of the earphones being uncomfortable on my ear.
Fit is very important in IEM’s, but when an IEM starts hurting your ears…that’s something else/more
-Isolation is good, as one can imagine – due to it covering your ear
-No problems out of the SGS nor ZO2 – no hissing etc.
-These change with burn-in

So far – I find that the music is far away from me, and everything is too precise (mainly mids)
That said, anyone contemplating the IE8/0 purchase should not even think twice in buying these.
These by far beat the IE8’s IMO (out the box)

After a little while of testing :
-TX-500’s = MUCH better fit, much more comfortable than the stock silicone tips

Here are some pictures!
(the poweramp EQ was my initial EQ I had on them, although it has hardly changed since)


Some useful links to click on!

Here is their website

Here is where I bought it from: (great guys to deal with)


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    Another place to find these great headphones is Custom-ears.com they also carry the custom molded versions of these ‘phones with options like tunable ambient (house) sound and tunable bass porting so you can dial in the sound characteristics to better suit your preference.


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