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How to flash Slim v4.1 Based on 4.0.4 for GT-I9300

Here is the video guide:

XDA page

Short written guide:
-Download: I9300_x.x.zip, slim common.zip
-Enter cwm
-Full wipe
-Format /system in mounts and storage
-Flash I9300_x.x.zip

I had to flash away from the rom, as the battery life was shockingly bad – more so, when recharging the device, the S3 got extremely hot, and didn’t take the proper charge. I couldn’t risk having a burnt SGS3, so I flashed off it within a day of use.

Hope this helped you!

How to Flash Teamhacksung’s ICS CM9

XDA Link + downloads – latests will be on there

I much prefer this (from what I used/tried, against onecosmics one) felt more polished, faster and with less problems and more features!

Remember about the WIPE – you WIPE AFTER FLASH coming from oncosmic, and if you are coming from ANOTHER ROM or CM7 WIPE BEFORE!