How to Flash Teamhacksung’s ICS CM9

XDA Link + downloads – latests will be on there

I much prefer this (from what I used/tried, against onecosmics one) felt more polished, faster and with less problems and more features!

Remember about the WIPE – you WIPE AFTER FLASH coming from oncosmic, and if you are coming from ANOTHER ROM or CM7 WIPE BEFORE!


15 thoughts on “How to Flash Teamhacksung’s ICS CM9

  1. Trayo

    can you say me what is working and what not? Is it a daily ROM or only for testing ICS on the Galaxy S? Im on Darky 10.2.2 and want an ICS ROM that works properly.
    Thanks so far for your Vids

      1. Trayo

        this sounds good. My Galaxy runs around one day but not much longer. I think i will flash this and see whats coming.

  2. j3tz3

    only thing that doesent work is video recording. and its a litle jerky but otherwise i love the rom. gives me 149megs of ram.

  3. luvcrim

    Hello, i tried in vain to install it ,i keep getting an infinite bootloop every single time. Iam on galnet ICS STABLE 2.11.26 (JVK) . Thanks for the help


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