How to flash Galnet ICS 2.11.26

Written guide (with no ICS lock as default, as I did in video):
-Flash weekly
-Flash Stable ICS (remember DO NOT WIPE)

Written guide (with ICS lock as default): Although you can download the ICS theme completely from the theme directories, just as I did.
-Flash Stable ICS
-Flash weekly (remember DO NOT WIPE)
-Flash Stable ICS (remember DO NOT WIPE)

ICS THEME, which can be found online, its called:
Black Ice 2.3

If you have problems displaying the battery icon:
Go into your app drawer, or homescreen (on default launcher), and find MIUI control panel, then statusbar options, then battery options, here un-tick and re-tick the battery icon.
It should now appear 🙂
If you want to customise it, go into your phone’s settings, system, battery, battery indicator style.

ICS download page

Weekly, NON-ICS download page

Find some photos of it here


6 thoughts on “How to flash Galnet ICS 2.11.26

  1. Miki

    Hi! nice job reviewing it 🙂

    I’ve a question for u, what about battery drain? i’m still not pretty sure about flashing this miui galnet version, i’ve the MIUI 2.3.7a from Kakomalo and it’s pretty good now custom as i like for using it. Sooooooo, please let us know about battery consume . As i saw at your FB pictures with another ROM wasss huge nice to see that still 2 days and your sgs still is having enough battery for a 3rd day!!!!

    Waiting to read you. Thanks in advance!


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