How to flash DarkyROM v11.0 Black Edition ICS

Here is the video guide:

Useful links:
DarkyROM post by Joel
My Post on XDA
Sourceforge download link
My Dev-host download link
Download link – DarkyROM boot animation – This is a CWM flashable zip, for people that want it back on ICS.

Here is the written guide:

0-If you’re coming from a Gingerbread (2.3) ROM, follow these steps;

  • Flash a GB ROM via ODIN to get the GB bootloaders
  • Then follow the guide bellow

1-If you’re coming from a Gingerbread (2.3) ROM, follow these steps;

  • Have your phone rooted with CWM
  • Make a NANDROID backup & Titanium backup & backup anything you need or find important on a PC
  • Download the latest CM9 (nightly) – its the one at the top of the list (ensure it’s CM9, and NOT CM7) & Download DarkyROM v11
  • Put both ROMs on your INTERNAL SD card
  • Enter Recovery by switching off the phone, and holding the 3 button combo (VOL UP + Home + POWER)
  • Once in recovery, flash the latest CM9 (nightly)
  • As it’s trying to flash, it will get into a bootloop – so re-enter recovery (by either holding: VOL UP + HOME + POWER, until it reboots, OR by pulling the battery, then entering it)
  • Once back in CWM, re-flash CM9 – however this time it will not bootloop, and fully install
  • Reboot phone
  • Once the phone has booted into CM9 (give it a good 5mins to boot) – Re-enter recovery, by holding the power button, which will then give you the option to go straight into recovery via the extended power menu on CM9
  • In CWM Recovery “wipe data / factory reset” and “wipe cache” and in “advanced” wipe dalvik-cache”
  • Go to “Mounts and storage” and mount all availaible partitions (like /sdcard) -> Don’t worry if you can’t mount “emmc”, it’s just the external sd-card
  • Flash DarkyROM v11.0 Black Edition
  • Reboot (give it again 5mins to boot)
  • Enjoy!

2-If you’re coming from any other ICS ROM (or upgrading from DarkyROM v11.0), follow these steps;
(Wiping is optional – ie factory resetting via CWM – but I would personally advise it to avoid problems, but again, it isn’t needed nor obligatory)

  • Go to the CWM Recovery (Press Volume Up + Home + Power when phone is switched off) and “wipe cache” and “advanced >> wipe dalvik-cache”
  • Go to “Mounts and storage” and mount all availaible partitions (like /sdcard)
  • Don’t worry if you can’t mount “emmc”, it’s just the external sd-card
  • Flash DarkyROM v11.0 Black Edition
  • Reboot

3-If for some reason you want to change modem, after having flashed the ROM:

  • Grab Perka’s file stash
  • Buy the pro if you want too (I have the pro version )
  • Open app
  • Navigate: samsung -> ICS_CM_Modems -> flash one of the ones you want – I just flashed and tested ZSJPG, and it worked/flashed fine.
  • The files are stored in your internal sd card – in “perkafilestash” folder
  • Go into CWM and flash the modem.
  • Now after reboot, go into settings, and in about phone, your baseband (modem) will now be changed!
Here are the pictures:

Hope you enjoyed the guide!

34 thoughts on “How to flash DarkyROM v11.0 Black Edition ICS

  1. CT

    Je suis toutes les etapes que tu fais mais quand ca redemarre je n’ai pas le francais, je n’ai pas de reseau pas de wifi . D’ailleurs dans baseband version c’est vide.
    Peux tu m’aider stp .?

  2. Sinke

    I´ve had Ario rom installed and it worked fine, now i have installed AOKP an after wile Darky
    On both of this rom´s i am having problem with reading sd card, it just don´t show´s it
    I´ve tried to reinstalled it back to Ario using CWM, but it crashes when tried to install it
    when the phone is connected to a pc my sd is shown with all files in it
    how to fix this so i could use the files from the phone directly and install games, see pictures etc.
    also i noticed that there isn´t an app for access these files
    any advice on how to improve some of these

    1. TotallydubbedHD Post author

      Well, first of all, did you check in CWM if they were mounted?
      and secondly, the EXT SD card is named as EEMC, and is found in the root folder of the phone (see pictures)

      In terms of a file explorer, darkyrom v11 comes with one, although I would suggest OI file manager from the play store.

  3. kc

    hye.. i bought 2nd hand i9000. the owner before already reboot rom to ics. n when he sold to me he already factory boot the phone. so know my phone running froyo. so now, how i wanna change from froyo to this ics? i never do this stuff before. can you help me please.

    1. TotallydubbedHD Post author

      Oh wow – so first you’ll need to flash a GB rom – the easiest way would be to flash something like DarkyROM 10.2 RE – follow the guide I got on that.

      Once that’s flashed, then go ahead and put the ICS rom of your choice on the INT SD card, and flash the ICS rom – then you’ll be on ICS :)!

  4. Molimo

    Hi, Firstly, Thanks for the wonderfull steps to installing DarkyRom V11. I had been running 10.2 RE ever since it was launched and wanted to upgrade. Unfortunatly I was getting the random reboots, Not often but still annoying.

    Now I’m finally running ICS thanks to DarkyRom V11. But for some reason, I still have the Bootanimation from ICS (Even though the DR11 Boot Animation Zip is in the System/media folder). And there could be more stuff missing, I just haven’t noticed it yet.

    Would it be better if I do a complete wipe, and reinstall DR11, And Can I do that. Can I wipe and install DR11 without going through everything else? What is your suggestion?


  5. deep

    im on darky rom 10.4.2 jw1 .. i want to know about if i can flash 11.0 directly or i need to flash 10.2 re then cm9 nightly and then 11.00

      1. Sabrina

        Cheers man, but been trying for ages to ref lash and I get the same boot loop. In recovery it says Installing Darky v11
        Finding update package
        Opening update package
        Installing update

        … then goes back into the boot loop.
        Totally bewildered O.o

          1. Sabrina

            Yep, followed it word for word. Coming from an old Darky v10 Extreme Edn, went into CM9 which worked fine (first time boot looped, installed again and ran perfectly… now have a different cwm based recovery to what I had previously). As soon as I try to install v11 I get a cyanogenmod9 boot loop. It’s almost like it gets terminated before it gets going ’cause sometimes it’ll say “welcome to Darky’s ROM” then bootloop and sometimes it’ll just boot loop straight away.

          2. Luis

            Hi!… im having the same problem… i redownload the DarkyROM V11 and i got the same problem… eaven with TiramiSlim ROM im having the same problem.

          3. Ethan

            I have the same problem i cant even transfer a new file because it gives me approx 3 seconds to view my phone. I dont know what to do , i am at my wits end… Please help me . I came from cyanogen rom running 4.2.2 .

  6. AMG


    I liked Darky’s ROM Black Edition for Galaxy S I9000, but changed my phone to Galaxy S2 I9100, is there a way I could flash Darky’s ROM to my new phone? If not, would there be a version coming out for the Galaxy S2?

  7. eugenio

    than good aradesco great tutorial and you greatly to share it.
    While I am obsessed with upgrading my current rom which is
    Darky Extreme Edition v9.2
    I have:
    i9000 Baseband version xxjpy
    firmware version 2.2.
    kernel version curio @ carton # Voodoo_stable_5.4
    try to follow your tutorial but I can only find cm 9 cm 10 nigtly
    I have to do to update my Samsung Galaxy i9000 DarkyROM v11.0 the ICS version???????
    posrias a little help?
    thanks greetings

    1. TotallydubbedHD Post author

      Hi there!
      I wouldn’t update if you are happy with your current rom 🙂
      If however you want to update, you ought to flash 10.2re first, and then flash cm, and then v11 !

      1. eugenio

        thanks a lot the truth is that my current room is very god
        iv never have used a custom room and i am very amayzyng
        well im going to keep my current room darky v9.2

        thanks my friend

  8. steveyG

    Hi there I’m pretty new to this so excuse my lack of knowledge.

    I followed your video on how to put my i9000 into the XXJVT 2.3.5 stock rom. It was successful, thanks very much.

    What process do i now follow in order to put the darky rom 11.0 on it? (as shown above) do i need to update my phone first some how? or can i just follow the video and copy what you did.


    1. TotallydubbedHD Post author

      Hi there!

      You;ll need to flash either a kernel, CF root or CWM.
      The reason you need this is because you need to be rooted and have CWM installed, in order to allow you to flash v11 🙂


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