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Guide on flashing Faryaab’s 4.1.1 Jelly Bean ROM on GT-I9300

Video Guide:

Useful links:
XDA Thread

Short written guide (Mainly by Faryaab):
-Copy Google Apps and ROM to your internal SD Card
-Enter Recovery
-Do a Wipe/Factory Reset
-Wipe cache & Dalvik
-Flash Android 4.1.1 JB ROM
-Flash Google Apps
-Reboot your device!

When flashing a new build, when already on this rom, such as going from Build 2 to Build 3 – there is no need to wipe.
Simply install the ROM, and after it has finished, don’t forget to flash GAAPS!

(Pictures from JB 4.1.1 Build 2, with the updated Google Now)


Google Now, video demonstration:
(Now fully working, after build 2 – which is not shown in the video)

Hope you enjoyed my guide!

How to flash MIUI Android I9000 1.10.21

On the video I showed you 2 ways, and 3 different configurations:
-From DarkyROM JVT: With and Without Lagfix activated
-From Stock JVQ with a custom kernel

I recommend going via stock JVQ + custom kernel – but if your lazy, then just flash it on top of another GB ROM – just remember to wipe etc. 🙂

Download MIUI Android I9000 1.10.21:
Click here

How to flash stock JVQ + a custom kernel can be found here