Review of KeyPop’s GID key caps, Keychain for Cherry MX Mechanical Keyboards and the Filco wrist rest

Before getting into this review, I want to say thanks, yet again to James from for sending me out the keycaps and wrist rest for review!
After having previously reviewed some of Keypops gear, I was interested to see how these items would compare!

Keypop - Wrist rest and key caps

I made a video review about the keycaps and wrist rest I received, so do check out the video out too:

Starting off with the Filco Wrist rest – The one I received was the “Filco Black Leather/Red Stitch Wrist Rest” it can be bought for $34 / £23 on Keypop’s website
The wrist rest is made of great quality, with beautiful stitching along the edges of the wrist rest – the colour depends on the one you select, but in my case the red stitching really did stick out and look really nice. I should state that the stitching didn’t feel intrusive either and it wasn’t an annoyance when using the wrist rest.

Keypop - Filco Wrist rest near keyboard

Furthermore, the wrist rest has a small groove that makes it natural to lay your wrist down – it’s well designed in that respect and well thought out. It fit my average sized hands perfectly!

Keypop - Filco Wrist rest

The overall build quality of the wrist rest is sensational, it is extremely strong and one could even use it to bat in cricket or baseball – this just goes to show how well built it is. Finally, the actual leather feel is a great touch, as it oozes a premium feel.

Keypop - Filco Wrist rest close-up

For the price you pay, I feel you get what you pay for – it is slightly expensive as a wrist rest, but I’ve not come many wrist rests than have such attention to detail and extremely good quality materials.
A huge thumbs up from me for the Filco wrist rest!

Keypop - Filco Wrist rest


Next up is the very cool and funky glow in the dark (GID) gamer key caps. It is titled: “GID(Glow in the Dark) Gamer Keyset” on the website and can be bought for $21 / £15 on Keypop’s website.

In the package you receive:
-1x Esc R4 Key
-1x ASD Keyset
-1x W R3 Key
-1x Arrow Keyset

The main attraction of these keys is that they glow in the dark, and for me they did, but only for a very short while – by that I mean after they had been sitting in direct light for over a day and had even been “charged” with a very bright light, their GID function ran out within 2 minutes.
This meant that they went from an excellent GID set to one that you cannot see within a couple of minutes.

To me this defeats the point of buying GID keys, as I would want the keys to stay glowing and brightly for the next couple of hours. This could be due to their thin construction and the fact that they’re a keycap, but either way – it defeated the purpose of them.
The key caps themselves are well made with ABS plastic, but are slightly see-through, meaning if you have a backlit keyboard, then the keys really look cool. I’m currently using them with my Logitech G710+, however if you have a backlight keyboard that can be customised, like an RGB one or one that comes with the WASD and arrow keys pre-coloured in a different LED, then these key caps really look awesome!

Pictures you’ll be able to see them being used with the Sumvision Nemesis Ultra keyboard, which is not a keyboard I use, but one that can really show you how it looks like with different coloured WASD and arrow keys.
Overall, I really like the key caps, but not for their GID functions – which is a shame, as I would have loved them to be really glowing in the dark brightly, as it would have made night gaming session really epic!


Finally to round off the product I got sent, is the “Anodized Blue Metal Keycap Keychain”, which can be bought for $12 / £8 on Keypop’s website.

Keypop - Keychain light

The keychain comes in three different anodized metal colours:
Blue (the one I got sent)

The keychains come in two different switches too, Cherry MX Brown and Cherry MX Blue – personally I can’t really see why you would get the MX Brown as they don’t give off that satisfactory clicking sound as the Blues do, but that’s all subjective. I personally love the Blue switch for the sake of clicking on it, but as a key switch on a daily basis, can’t stand the Blues as they make a lot of noise!

Anyway, back to the keychain, it’s extremely well built and has a small battery included which allows the small LED to illuminate in the respective colour – in my case it was Blue. If you want to replace the battery, Keypop recommended the Maxell CR1220 3v battery.

Looking at the build quality of the keychain, you can see that a lot of attention to detail was made here, with the beautiful coating of paint the keychain has, to the small little string attached to it, in order for you to attach it to your keys.
The only complain I have is that it’s quite heavy – It’s something that would add considerable weight to your keys, which is a shame.
Other than that, it’s a lovely little geeky accessory and something I can see being given as a small gift to a friend or family member.
I really love the keychain and at the given price, you can’t really go wrong!

Keypop - Keychain looks

This wraps up the reviews of the items – overall I was really happy with what I was sent and really look forward to reviewing other items from Keypop in the future!

Hope you enjoyed my review!

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