Breffo Adventure Camera Kit & Gumstick Review – A Portable Solution

I had previously reviewed the Breffo Spiderpodium Smartphone & Tablet Stand and was intrigued about these two products, the Adventure Camera Kit and the Gumstick.
Both are very different products and I will thus split this post into two main parts.

Before getting into these short reviews, I would like to thank Scott from Breffo for sending these out for review!

Furthermore, if you’re interested in purchasing them here are the links below!

Breffo Adventure Camera Kit purchase links:
AmazonUK link
AmazonUSA link
Breffo’s website

Breffo Gumstick purchase links:
AmazonUK link
AmazonUSA link
Breffo’s website

Now let’s get into these written reviews!
First of all the Adventure Camera Kit:

I was quite intrigued by this, simply due to the design – I did think to myself where someone would use this, and it occurred to me that when you’re out and about, and what to position your camera in a special way, then you’re limited or have to bring a big tripod with you in order to achieve this.
Both options aren’t very portable and that’s where the Breffo camera kit comes handy. At a reasonably affordable £20, it is quite useful to have around you, when you’re shooting.

I did however find a few problems and limitations.
Due to the nature of the construction, I felt that it wouldn’t hold a full sized DSLR camera. It really is designed for handheld cameras.
Furthermore, unlike a tripod, that get get to a reasonable height, the Breffo camera kit is extremely low, unless you hand it like a koala on a tree/bar/bench or similar. Thus, if you’re on a plain field, don’t expect the Breffo camera kit to really help you with shots.

I think the kit is very cute and useful for those adventurers out there, that want to have their camera on the go.
Due to the limited use it could have, the strength, the lack of height and the price, I feel a 4/5 star review is appropriate for it.

Some are a little lower resolution as they were taken with my Samsung Galaxy S3

Unto the Gumstick:
I was really intrigued about this, as I was wondering if it would be able to hold my Samsung Galaxy S3 upright. Indeed it does, and it does it very well. The material itself is extremely flexible and malleable.
What I love about this is that it can be put in your pocket and taken around with you, unlike most stands I’ve come across (including the Spiderpodium, which still would need a bag). Thus to have a stand anywhere you go, fit in your pocket and securely hold your phone is absolutely brilliant, especially at its price tag of £10.

The Gumstick thus is a huge recommendation from me. My only complaint would be, that I would which it came in different colours, as black and graphite are a little dull. Regardless of this, I rate the Gumstick 5/5 stars, as an excellent portable solution for smartphone stands.


Overall, both products were great portable solutions in their own right!

Hope you enjoyed the pictures & my review/overview!

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