Breffo Spiderpodium – Overview & Review – Smartphone & Tablet Stand

First of all I would like to thank Scott at Breffo for sending me the Spiderpodiums to review.
When I first looked into the products, I thought they looked quite interesting, but somewhat had a doubt that they would really get the job done well and efficiently. I couldn’t have been more wrong with my initial thoughts about the products.

I got sent two Spiderpodiums, one made for tablet (as my mother has the Note2) and one for smartphone (as I have the S3). Before I state anything else, the Note2 does fit in the smartphone fholder with ease, I just thought it would be nice to see two different products and as the Note2 is seen as a Phablet anyway, it was a good opportunity to test out the tablet range too.

Purchasing information
As you’ll be able to tell the Spiderpodiums are quite affordable no matter where you live in the world!
I should note that there are fakes and copies of the products, thus I’ve only linked Breffo’s website – as instructed by Scott.

The Smartphone Holder can be purchased from:
AmazonUK / AmazonUSA
Breffo’s website

The Tablet Holder can be purchased from:
AmazonUK / AmazonUSA
Breffo’s website

Smartphone Spiderpodium
Here’s pictures of the black smartphone Spiderpodium:

Written review of the black smartphone Spiderpodium:
As you can see from the above I customised the stand to my preference. At first I had it sitting on my desk and then realised I could attach it to my bike.
A note from my experience: PLEASE be wary of trusting the phone on the Spiderpodium, whilst on Mountain Bike Trails – as your phone CAN go flying off, like mine did. As you can see it is made for soft terrain and not rocky, bumpy and uneven terrain!

With that said I have since made some adjustments to the Spiderpodium and it seems much more stable than it was before:

The construction of the stand is extremely strong and yet surprisingly flexible. I could fit my S3 on there without any problems and also was able to fit my mothers Note2 on there too without any problems.
When I put it on my bicycle I was a little sceptical at first, but after shaking it vigorously and the S3 not even moving a single centimetre, I was fully confident that the stand would be able to withstand a lot of vibrations and bumps along the road with my S3 on it.
After going out with it I found myself a little concious that my phone was at the mercy of the stand, but with that said, each time I had a doubt in my mind I remembered the tests I carried out at home with it and continued cycling with full confidence.
I should say that you should keep your eyes on the road at all times, but it is useful to be able to quickly gland down at your smartphone in order to get your bearings. I use the stand in order to give me flexibility when cycling and using Google Maps to navigate me to my destination.

The stand thus has done an incredible job and for it to only cost £15 is a huge plus. It is affordable, seems extremely durable, it’s flexible and can be adjusted to your preference and more so does the job better than expected.
Completely satisfied with the product and can’t quite emphasise how much I’ve fell in love with it already.
I think people would be mad not to buy the product, especially seeing as other “basic” stands out there can set you back the same amount, if not more!

Tablet Spiderpodium
Here’s pictures of the grey tablet Spiderpodium:

Written review of the grey tablet Spiderpodium:
The tablet variant of the Spiderpodium is thicker, heavier and bigger than its smaller smartphone Spiderpodium.
The tablet variant fits the Note2 comfortably and on tablet fits a vast array of sizes. Putting your tablet on this stand won’t be a problem and furthermore with its thicker strands it can take a considerable amount of weight. To test this, I put my Xbox 360 Slim on the stand and it was able to keep it off the ground with ease. I was extremely impressed as this just goes to show that the Spiderpodium can be used for a vast array of technology and not just Phablets or Tablets.

I should also mention that both the tablet and smartphone versions can be mounted in your car, within the grill.

Conclusion and final thoughts
What more can I say than: Go out and buy one. The products on offer from Breffo are good quality, cheap and definitely on my recommended list.
I can see the products being used in a vast array of applications and furthermore being extremely successful.

Finally, here’s my video on the products:
Where you’ll be able to see a demonstration of the smartphone Spiderpodium being “shaken, but not stirred” on my bicycle:

Hope you enjoyed my reviews!

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