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Guide on applying & overview of the XO Skins Carbon Fibre Skin Protector

Here is the video guide on applying the skin:

Here are the pictures:


Written review:
First of all, I would like to thank Joe, over at XO Skins for sending me this out for review! This skin can be bought directly from their website for around £8.50 (not including postage)

I have had the skin on for a little while now, and feel that the skin is absolutely gorgeous, and provides a different look to the S3, which I find very attractive.
The protection provided too, is good, as it gives the S3s backplate an extra layer of protection.
The material used reminds me of a carbon fiber finish, which looks very cool. The material itself has a pattern on it, and isn’t “smooth”.

One thing that I found that gives the skin a slight disadvantage, is the weight. It isn’t heavy, however it should be noted that adding the skin, I felt, gave the S3 a little extra weight. This can be seen, in some people’s minds as a major disadvantage. That said, the weight difference, is extremely small, but is noticeable in my hands (call me a human scale if you so wish).

Apart from that, both the price, and the quality of the product is very much worth it. I would buy this skin if you would like to give your S3 a different look, and give the backplate that little added protection (even though I don’t care about the backplate, as much as I do for the screen, it’s always better to be safe than sorry). Thus overall, a worthy purchase to differentiate yourself from the crowd, and give you a little added protection, on the back, to your S3.

Hope you enjoyed my guide & overview of the skin!

MOFRED screen protector for Samsung Galaxy S3 III GT-I9300

Video Guide:

Useful Links:
-Can be bought for under £3.50 from Amazon – Amazon UK Link / AmazonUSA
-MOFRED, the company that make the screen protector – Amazon UK store front



Written review:

First of all, I would like to thank Mark from MOFRED, for sending me out the screen protectors for review.

I found the screen protector, after several weeks of use, to be still in great condition, and withstand scratches very well, by that I mean, it doesn’t get scratched easily, unlike my old screen protector, where after several weeks of use, say playing on Temple Run, or Swyping, I would find the screen protector having scratch marks being left, where I was using the phone the most (lower half usually).

As for the finger prints on the screen, I found the MOFRED screen protector, in having a slight tendency of picking up finger prints relatively easily. That said, I haven’t really had any troubles wiping them off with one single stroke with my T-Shirt, and haven’t had another screen protector be truly anti-fingerprint worthy.

Thus overall, the screen protector does a good job in protecting the screen, and yet not leaving marks, after having it used, unlike other screen protectors that I have had in the past. For the very cheap price, I feel that these are well worth the purchase. If anything I doubt anyone will get through the 10-12 packs in over 2 years of use – yes I do deem them that good.

For those that doubt screen protectors; For me, I’ve always had one on. It costs next to nothing to have one on, doesn’t decrease the touch sensitivity of the screen, and more so protects your device from small scratches. As I always say: I rather be safe than sorry: £3.50 or so, to protect a £500 phone? Well worth it, if you ask me, but be your own judge in that respect.

Hope you enjoyed my application guide & my review!

Samsung Galaxy S III – Case & Terrapin Screen Protector Guide & Overview with 3M Dual Lock – SJ3540

Video guide & overview:

I bought the case and screen protectors (6-in-1) for a combined price of £7.50 (prices may fluctuate)
Link to Amazon, to the Terrapin 6-in-1 screen protectors
Link to Amazon, to the case from the Qubits range (with screen protectors)

The space in-between the case and the Digizoid ZO2, is a 3M Dual Lock SJ3540.

Here are pictures of the screen protector and the case:
(Click on the pictures to enlarge them)

I hope this helps!