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Review of the MSI Nvidia GTX 960 2G Graphics Card – An affordable and silent GPU


Before getting into this review, I would like to say a huge thanks, yet again to MSI for sending me the GTX 960 for review. After seeing its launch, and having previously reviewed the MSI GTX 970 at great length, I was very much interested to know if the 960 could potentially knock my 680s out my system. Despite being lower spec’ed than the 680, it was a very interesting battle between these two GPUs.
Therefore the question I’ll be looking to answer is:
Is the 960 a worthy upgrade over the 680?

The GTX 960 can be purchased on AmazonUK for £175 & AmazonUSA for $240.

MSI GTX 960 - Box


To complement my written review I created a short video review, that doesn’t go into as much detail as this written review, but gives a brief overview on the results:

Let’s get on with this review!

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