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Review of the EOps Noisezero O2+ with Comply Headphone Pads – The most comfortable on-ear headphone experience

Pros: Comfort, design, portability, wire
Cons: Isolation, availability, mids

Packaging & Accessories: 2/10
Build Quality: 8/10
Design & Look: 8/10
Isolation: 5/10
Comfort: 9/10
Audio Quality: 6/10
Value: 7/10
My final Rating: 6.5/10

Purchase Date: December 2013
Purchase Price: £75-£100

EOps Noisezero O2+ - Adjustable

First of all, I would like to thank Breanna over at Comply Foam for sending me these headphones to review.
These headphones were the first headphones to feature the Comply Foam Headphone Pads. Comply are well known in the audio world for making earphone tips which are comfortable and isolate well for in-ear users. However, Comply had never made any headphone pads before – it had been requested a few times over their years of operation and finally Comply has ventured into the headphone market. The only thing that’s a shame right now is that Comply don’t offer the headphone pads as a standalone product, that can be purchased; Instead they are pads that are already made in partnership with other manufacturers, such as EOps Noisezero. I personally can understand Comply’s logic as they can’t simply make loads of different headphone pads, if they aren’t popular or well known. It would be a huge investment on their part and possibly a huge loss.
In the way that Comply have gone about this, teaming up with some manufacturers (and hopefully with many more in the future), it will give them the courage to offer their headphone pads as a standalone product, like they do with their earphone tips. This would be incredible in the headphone market, as many audiophiles are known for changing pads. Even myself, as an audio enthusiast, I’ve changed the pads on my Denon AH-D2000’s (Lawton Audio Pads) simply because they isolated better and gave me better comfort, over the stock pads that Denon provide. In other words, more options for consumers is always nice to see and always well received, as it isn’t forced upon and can be seen as an upgrade in the headphones’ comfort.

I’ll home into the comfort section of the pads in the “comfort” section of my review. However, as with all reviews I do, I will be looking at every aspect of these headphones and thus reviewing the headphones and not only the pads. Let’s not forget you, the consumer will be buying the headphones for not only comfort (although that might be a big factor for you), but also the rest of the package. So, If you want to know how good or bad the Comply Pads are, then skip to the comfort section. If however you’re interested in the headphones and would like to know how the Comply Pads deteriorate or improve the headphone’s experience, then read on!

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