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How to flash Ficeto’s DarkyROM2 XXKG2 Odexed Base R3

Not my SGS2 – neither do I have or plan to buy one..yet :P!

Ficeto’s post

Odin 1.83/site

Direct download

Remember I did a NO WIPE installation here, thus I had TW4 launcher + apps + old market still installed.
If had done a wipe, those wouldn’t be an option!


How to flash DarkyROM 10.2 GOLDEN MASTER Edition

For those ON JVQ:

DarkyROM post

Direct 10.2 GM download

For those NOT on JVQ:
JVQ installation video

Follow the video and links are in THAT video for downloads etc!


One last thing:
You can enable motion enabled gallery by hitting the volume down key in gallery 🙂