How to flash DarkyROM – Ficeto’s 10.2 Final RE

Ficeto’s post

Direct download to 10.2 RE

This installation guide allows you to come from ANY ROM/kernel/firmware be it froyo or GB straight unto the latest slimmed down version of 10.2.

This version has some apps removed from it, here is the full list (compiled by me, description with the help of Ceriko)

List of the packages:
SamsungApps – NOT installed
Fonts – NOT installed
Wallpaper – NOT installed
Third part apps – NOT installed
Swype – NOT installed

List of apps removed (in the Install section of the NEW App):
AngryGPS.apk – nobody uses it, removing doesn’t make GPS worst
BuddiesNow.apk – 3rd-party app
BluetoothPbap.apk – Print over Bluetooth
BluetoothTestMode.apk – Test, safe to remove
ChocoEUKor.apk – Font
CoolEUKor.apk — Font
Dlna.apk – AllShare, 3rd-party app
DualClock.apk – Samsung widget
FactoryTest.apk – Test, safe to remove
GoogleFeedback.apk – Location? safe to remove
GoogleQuickSearchBox.apk – Search app/widget
HTMLViewer.apk – Useless! safe to remove
Layar.apk – 3rd-party app
LiveWallpapers.apk – Samsung’s default live wallpapers
MagicSmokeWallpapers.apk — Wallpaper
Memo.apk – Memo
MiniDiary.apk – 3rd-party app
MobileTrackerEngineTwo.apk – Stock mobile tracker
MobileTrackerUI.apk – Stock mobile tracker
MtpApplication.apk – Necessary to connect to Kies only
RoseEUKor.apk – Font
SamsungApps.apk – Samsung Apps
SamsungAppsUNAService.apk – Samsung Apps
SimDetachNotifier.apk – Notifies when the SIM gets detached? Not needed on SGS
SnsAccount.apk – Necessary for Samsung to sync Facebook & Twitter, sync will work with all other 3rd-party apps
SnsProvider.apk – Necessary for Samsung to sync Facebook & Twitter, sync will work with all other 3rd-party apps
TwWallPaperChooser.apk – Contains Samsung default wallpapers
UnifiedInbox.apk – 3rd-party app
VoiceSearch.apk – Samsung Voice Search
VoiceDialer.apk – Samsung Voice dialer
WlanTest.apk – Test, safe to remove
WriteAndGo.apk – 3rd-party app
install_flash_player.apk – ? but safe to remove
lcdtest.apk – Test, safe to remove
signin.apk – Necessary to enter the Samsung login section in Settings, option in settings will no longer work
syncmldm.apk – Software Update
syncmlds.apk – Samsung Account
wipereceiver.apk – Remote wipe (goes with Mobile tracker)
wssomacp.apk – Notification app for stock SMS app, not needed if stock SMS app is removed
wssyncmlnps.apk – Samsung sync app

-Swype can be installed via the website.
Here is a guide on how to do that

-CSC will be KOR, that can be changed to XEU – remember this will do a factory reset, so best do it at the beginning!
Here is the guide for that


10 thoughts on “How to flash DarkyROM – Ficeto’s 10.2 Final RE

  1. Aakash

    I would like to point out that the site “” is currently not working. So, i would request you to place the files on some other site. Thanks in advance.

  2. conrad

    hi ,
    Thanks for the Vid, quick question i see this is for I9000 will this rom also work on the i9100 galaxy s2. with ics 4.0.3 and what seems to be LPS rom. i am getting the black screen of death every now and then.

  3. Goan0900

    Hi there

    my cousin has a I9000 and brought it to me, because it is not turning on. the screen stays black. Sound will ring and the menu and back button are glowing but nothing else.

    I get the device connected to odin, but it always says setup connection. after 5 minutes i turned it off.

    Could you help us plaese?


  4. Paul Rustic

    Flashed DarkROM 10.2 and very happy with it but unable to install missing APK apps sitting in SD Card, need MTP but using a APK Manager it shows ‘Not Installed’. Please advise, thanks.


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