14 thoughts on “How to fix Carrier Issues on the Samsung Galaxy S

  1. vanye

    hey.i did put imei number like ur show on video with *#272 n imei num with # at the end.but still i can’t get to enter csc code.which i mean is after u put the imei code csc will pop up.but mine fail? could u help me bro

    1. TotallydubbedHD Post author

      Are sure you are putting it correctly?
      What happens after the last symbol? Does it say ussd code running? If it doesn’t, and leaves you in the dialer, double check your code.

  2. vanye

    i follow the step million time, n result still same. i put the code with # at the end.still npthing hapen n it leave me on dailer

  3. charlie

    i need help. my imei is
    EDITED by Totallydubbed.net for security reasons
    but i cant tyoe / on keys. i took it out and it wont work.

    1. TotallydubbedHD Post author

      Hi there,
      First of all, giving your IMEI is not recommended, so for your security, I removed it in the comment :)!
      (don’t worry I can’t even remember the first 5 numbers)

      You don’t put the “/” nor the numbers coming after it :)!

      So just the number before the “/” and terminated with “#”
      Hope that helps!

  4. Jarrod

    Hello im Also On Korean But Have No Problems Apart From Getting Phone recognized In Kies Will This Sort it out so can connect

  5. mark

    Hi i recently had my i9000 unlocked to any network , since doing so it now will not connect to kies , if debugging mode is on drivers install correctly then kies says it does not work with usb debugging active , then with debugging off the drivers fail to install . I tried your fix above but after putting code in it says ussd code running but then comes up with unknown command . Any ideas . I just want a simple way of updating my phone as apps such s snap chat etc dont work on eclair


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