How to flash back to STOCK Samsung Firmware (SGS)

Here is a full guide on how to flash back to stock!
In this video I cover:
-JPU – Full ODIN flash
-JPY – PDA Only flash via ODIN – to make it able to connect to Kies
-JVO (latest as of 17/06/11) gingerbread ROM via Kies

Remember to wipe the INT SD and Factory reset before you send it in!

Download stock firmware from here

The select Samsung I9000.

You have to register and once you download the files you will be prompted to enter a password. It is mentioned on however here are the 2 variations of passwords you will need to extract the file to your PC:
## Password is =
# Password is =


39 thoughts on “How to flash back to STOCK Samsung Firmware (SGS)

      1. kevin breault

        i cant go back to the original version of my os! when i connect my galaxy to kies they say dont have available update for your phone.

        in faq if the cell phone is ok kies say your phone had the lastest update

        i juste want to do all update by kies

        thanks you so mush

      2. Zak

        pleaseee help.. i havent got a clue what im doing and your video loses me when you use something called odin? please help via teamviewer if possible? thanks

  1. Mike

    I followed the instructions in the video but Kies now says “Your Device Does Not Support Software Upgrading via Kies”

    Any ideas?

  2. Cypher

    Yo nice vid
    is it really endorsed my samsung though because i bought mu sgs not realising that eventhough it was new the firmware was flashed and it is now stuck on 2.2 samsung told me to go to one ofvtheir store to repair it cos kies is telling me that my phone does not support updating via kies so am kinda confused oh yeh any point in rooting it its a ukxphone by the way… Cant think of any thing else to say really will it work with kies after flashing it back down

  3. Sid

    Hey totallydubbedhd πŸ™‚

    I have a small problem………..I downloaded my firmware from
    Its JV9(India). M not sure how to flash it. I saw your video…….but i dont understand a couple of things…….when do we select a pit file? when do we repartition?
    The ROM has the following files-
    I am going to be flashing using Odin……….a little help would be appreciated.
    thanx man πŸ™‚

      1. TotallydubbedHD Post author

        you can’t flash it individually! 0.0
        Flash the file, as you said in PDA only, but put a 512 repartition and tick repartition – then you should be on stock again πŸ™‚

    1. TotallydubbedHD Post author

      you should not OPEN the zip file – I don’t know what you have downloaded is it a 4 file or 2 file one?

      PIT should be used to clear the system – i recommend putting a 512 pit and ticking repartition and flashing the rom in PDA (IF ONLY it is a 2 file one)

  4. Sid

    But where do I get the PIT file? The firmware I downloaded(.zip) had only a .tar file whose components I mentioned earlier…………….

  5. Sid

    What exactly is a PIT file? If i used the one that comes with Darky 10.2 RE would that work? It is-

      1. Sid

        Ok so the zip file I downloaded has a file ‘JV9_JV9_JV5.tar’ and ‘SS_DL.dll’……… I am assuming its a 2-file……..and m gonna flash it(as PDA) with a 512 PIT file. Is that right?

        And btw, this would wipe my internal SD too right?

        1. Sid

          Also in Darky 10.2 RE or 10.2.2, will I have to change my CSC code from KOR to INU? Does it have INU? My phone is not SIM locked

  6. Sef

    Hi TotallydubbedHD,

    I’m from The Netherlands and I did flash 2.3.5 (XXJVS) via Samfirmware by using Odin a couple of months ago.

    Now I want to go to use an official ROM via Samsung Kies.
    To do that, I did follow your steps, flashed JPU and after that JPY (unticked re-partition).
    Samsung Kies still says that mij phone doesn’t support software updates via Kies.

    What do I have to do to have my original 2.3.3 back from Kies?

    Help me please.

    Info: Galaxy S I9000 GT
    CNC: KOR


    1. TotallydubbedHD Post author

      you should change your CSC πŸ™‚
      Hopefully once that’s done, it should do it – if all else fails, you can flash JVO 2.3.3 straight away. (which I THINK is the latest update)

      1. Sef


        I have another Galaxy S with the original JVO. When i go to settings>about phone. I got the same kernelversion, buildnumber and baseband version as my flashed JVO.

        So, why I should change CSC? I mean, how would that help?


  7. Sef


    Today Kies recognized my flashed JVO πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚
    It’s oke now.

    But I have 1 question: how can I know that my phone is now really really original (legal)?

    1. TotallydubbedHD Post author

      well – as you are on official firmware.
      If you want to sell it or warranty replace it:

      -Clear your INT SD card
      -Make sure superuser is not installed = best way would be to factory reset it.

  8. Akhil Bansal

    i am from india . i have flashed i9000ddjv9 as u mentioned by 2 file method (ticking Re-partition , chosing rom in PDA and pit) but it still stuck on bootanimation . Please tell me a solution .

  9. sabkt

    Hi Dear, i got Samsung galaxy s2 and it has stopped working (imei missing) so no service and strange thing is it has drained battery at all. i got a new battery but that is also dead in few hours. it is not rooted .i was told by a workshop that i need to go back install firmware (stock) again ,,,kindly help me how can i get that and do that.

    1. TotallydubbedHD Post author

      Hi there,
      Battery drain has to do with usage and the rom you’re on.
      I don’t know the s2 well enough to suggest you a particular rom.

      I suggest you don’t touch it and try to monitor what is draining your battery.


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