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Overview & Review of the Pro-Tec Executive Leather Case for Samsung Galaxy S3

First of all I would like to thank Jade from Kondor, for sending me out the Pro-Tec Executive Leather Case to review.

The Pro-Tec Executive Leather Case can be purchased at Amazon UK but also worldwide for around £15.

Here is my overview and review of the Pro-Tec Leather Case on YouTube:

Written review:
My first impressions of the leather case were positive, and made me try on the case for several days on my S3. Usually I’m not much of a full body case person, as it makes the overall size of the phone, in your pocket, that much bigger. However, with the quality of the finish of the leather case, I had to try it on. I found the case to be well made, of good quality, and more so useful for those that want a full body protection on their S3.
The look of it really gave off a elegant and professional look to it, from the stitching to the magnetic closing mechanism of the case.
The case itself self the S3 well in place, and didn’t feel loose by any means, thus meaning if I held the case on its head and shook it around, the S3 wouldn’t fall out of place. The grooves and cut-outs of the case were perfect, and just right.
However there was one major flaw with this product: It didn’t have a cut-out by the charging port (at the bottom), thus meaning when I had to charge the case, I would have had to leave the case open. I find this a little pointless, as when I want to charge the phone, I would not be present, in front of the phone, in order to protect it – thus if it fell down at night whilst by my bedside, it would lead the case being rendered useless. I don’t know if this is a real design flaw, as my dad has an S2 leather case, and it had the exact same problem. I had to double check if they were from the same company, just in case, but no, they were different. Regardless, my dad, for his S2 case, got some pliers and a Stanley knife and cut open a little hole by the charging port. This now meant he could charge his phone whilst his case was closed.
Apart from that the case was a very nice accessory to have, especially for those that need a full body protection.
Following on from the full body protection provided by the leather case, the Pro-Tec case also came with a screen protector. At first I wasn’t too convinced by the screen protector, as for the first time there was no cut-out for the sensors on the S3’s display. However, after using it for over 2 weeks, I haven’t had a single problem with its sensor and the S3’s capability of picking up when my face is near or away from it.
The screen protector itself was easy to apply, and has a nice quality finish to it. The only thing I felt missing, was some sort of card, that would help you apply the screen protector properly to the phone.

Overall, the Pro-Tec’s overall package was nice, however for the price of £15, I was expecting a little more premium and overall finish to the product – such as having a cut-out by the charging hole, the inclusion of more screen protectors (as I know barely anyone that gets it right on their first attempt), and finally the inclusion of a little card, in order to help with the application of the screen protector on the phone.

Here are some pictures of the case and screen protector:

Hope you enjoyed the review, pictures & overview!