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Overview & Review of the KitSound Audio Dock for Samsung Galaxy S3

First of all I would like to thank Jade from Kondor, for sending me out the KitSound Audio Dock to review.

The KitSound Audio Dock can be purchased at Amazon UK but also worldwide for around £10.

Here is my overview and review of the KitSound Dock on YouTube:

Written review:
The package contents of the KitSound Audio Dock are pretty what one would expect from a audio dock.
You get a 3.5mm to RCA connectors, a USB to Micro-USB cable, and of course the audio dock itself.

For me this dock has been absolutely brilliant; I can use it to dock my S3 on my desk extremely securely (see video), and more so charge my S3 too. The S3 charges at the same rate as it would if it was plugged directly into the wall, so there isn’t any delay in charging, or any speed gained.
The dock itself is very well made, and is very stable. Thus a bang on the desk, an accidental knock, or even the wire being yanked from the wall, won’t make your S3 fall down, unlike when you have the S3 “docked” or should I say free-standing on an official Samsung dock.
Thus this is not only charging your phone, but doing it securely. Also another thing to note, is that the phone is fully accessible (home button for example) when being used on the KitSound dock – which makes it great for browsing, and reply to texts; again as it is rock stable, your phone isn’t going to wobble or fall off whilst you are Swyping away on your phone.

Finally, the audio dock feature, which is located at the back of the dock, which allows you to use the dock as a means of playing your music via the Micro-USB connector, rather than the headphone jack. This can be quite useful for some people, although I haven’t really seen the need for it myself. The audio quality hasn’t been really an improvement or a downgrade – I didn’t really hear any noticeable sound quality difference between using the 3.5mm jack and the dock connector.

Finally I should add, that when docked with the audio connector, I got a pop-up with the option of my clock or Tune-in Radio – now this could have been ROM specific – so i cannot comment if this is always the case – just make sure the option of having the dock is enabled in your settings.

Overall, this dock is certainly a great buy, especially at its really low price. This dock has become part of my daily charge of my S3 – and thus I don’t use the Samsung charger any more. I really like it and love using it, and again would recommend this to anyone, especially those that are actually looking for a dock – To me, the audio out is a bonus.

Here are the pictures of the dock:


Hope you enjoyed the review, pictures & overview!