Unboxing, Pictures & Initial Impressions of the Fischer Audio FA-002W Master Series High Edition Headphones

Here is my Unboxing Video:

Here are the pictures:
Click on them, to open them and see them in a larger size, enjoy!

Initial Impressions

First impressions of the FA-002W MS HE:
-Very deep soundstage
-Source dependant
-Clean & tight bass
-Clear/transparent-esk mids
-Smooth highs
-Utterly gorgeous to look at
-Tight clamp
-Comfortable around the ears, especially with the velvet-like pads
-Very clever design for removing the pads
-Removable cables are extremely useful
-Very long cable (3.5m)
-Sturdy jack
-Nice to have extra pads
-Will fit small heads without a problem (due to clamp)

My final review of the FA-002W’s is now published.

Hope you enjoyed the unboxing, pictures & the initial impressions!

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