Samsung Galaxy S III – GT-I9300 – USB OTG Connector Overview

The Samsung Galaxy S III, is a USB OTG (on-the-go) compatible device, which means using a OTG adapter, will allow you to use the OTG functionalities on offer!

I didn’t have much to test with, nor have an expanded knowledge in OTG functionalities, however I had 3 things, which to me were the most important USB connections I could potentially use:
-The Logitech MX Revolution – Mouse
-The Logitech K350 – Keyboard
-The Kingston DT R500 – USB Stick

I thus set out to buy a USB OTG adapter – however most I found, that were confirmed OTG compliant, were wires and not portable at all.
I took the plunge, trusting myself on ebay, and bought myself this OTG Adapter – to my delight, when it came in, it worked perfectly with all the above 3.

My video should explain and show you my use of the OTG adapter with those devices. I should also point out, that there was a function that I missed out to show on the keyboard, and that is the volume up/down & mute button at the very top of my keyboard were working perfectly!

For a mere £2, I can now use my USB stick, and show off with my mouse and keyboard functionalities! There are other uses of the OTG adapter, such as using it as a USB DAC output, connecting your Xbox 360 controller, and so on – but for me, all I needed was the ability to connect it to my USB stick, to read and write to it, and it did exactly that – I couldn’t be happier with the purchase!

Here are some pictures of it:

Hope this overview was useful!

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