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Mechanical Keyboard Guide: Cherry MX, Gateron Switches – Max Keyboard Falcon-8 Review

Pros: Falcon-8 can be used as a mini-keyboard, key testers to find your perfect match, looks and design, overally build quality, easy to assemble even as a novice
Cons: Worldwide availability

Review Date: March 2016

First of all, I would like to thanks Max Keyboard for sending me the Falcon-8 DIY Kit and parts of the sampler tester kit for review! If you’re also interested, see also my Max Keyboard Translucent & Custom Mechanical Keyboard Keycap Review.

Mechanical Keyboard Guide - Falcon-8

Here’s what I got sent:

On another note you can find the PCB sold separately for $20 on Max Keyboard.

This written guide and review wouldn’t be complete with a video, which showcases the switches:

Let’s get on with this guide and review!

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