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SteelSeries 9H Gaming Headset Review – An excellent headset fit for multiple purposes

Pros: Build quality, sound quality, microphone clarity, software, retractable microphone, accessories, different types of connections
Cons: Microphone physical extension length, headband comfort (for long sessions)

Build quality: 8.5/10
Comfort: 8/10
Overall sound quality for a headset: 9.5/10
Isolation: 8/10
Microphone quality: 9/10
Software: 10/10
Review price: £145
Value: 9/10 (at £145 price tag)
Overall rating: 9/10

SteelSeries 9H Headset - Side View

First of all I would like to thank SteelSeries for sending me their headset for review. After having reviewed the Siberia V2 Heat Orange Gaming Headset, I was very much curious to see how the closed-back offering by SteelSeries would compare, both sonically and in terms of its overall performance as a headset. The 9H can be found on AmazonUK & AmazonUSA. The product can be found for anything between £135 and £155. I took the mid-point for this review and reviewed it at a £145 price tag.

For more information about the headset and its specifications can be found on SteelSeries’ website.

Here’s my video review:

Now let’s get into the written review:

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