Unboxing, Overview & Initial Impressions of the AKG K545 headphones

Here is my Unboxing Video:

Here are the pictures:
Click on them, to open them and see them in a larger size, enjoy!

Initial Impressions

First impressions of the AKG K545:
-Smooth sound signature
-Soft mids
-Accurate highs (although not as accurate and sparkly as the K551s)
-Decent bass extension and quality (an improvement over the K551s)
-Nice soundstage and music reproduction
-Extremely light
-Comfortable for long listening sessions
-Great design
-Flexible and seem strong, despite its lightweight
-Soft pads
-Beautiful look and colour options
-Pivot, tilt and rotatable ear cups
-Detachable wire is an extremely positive sign
-Mic works with both iPhone and Android (2 wires provided)
-Wire thickness is extremely small and worrying
-Needs to be driven with an amp
-No carrying bag/pouch provided

Overall my first impressions are extremely positive – a definite improvement upon first listen over the K551’s. The lows are more prominent and the mids don’t take any notable hit in quality. The highs on the other hand seem to be a little more rolled off, whereas with the K551’s they seemed to be more precise/sibilant. The inclusion of a 1/4″ adapter is greatly appreciated and so is the removable cable. It is still a shame that the wire is terminated by a straight, and not a right angled jack.
I thus think these headphones are the new flagships by AKG, but are they worth the increase in price? I shall find that out when I review them in a few weeks or a months time.

Hope you enjoyed the unboxing, pictures & the initial impressions!

4 thoughts on “Unboxing, Overview & Initial Impressions of the AKG K545 headphones

  1. Jesus

    Excellent work! Will wait on the full review.

    If only your reviews were easier to find!(web) Or navigate to.(on your site) You put a lot of lesser reviews to shame.


    Great impressions but at 249 they are all but an increase in price. They started off way cheaper than the k551 and k550


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