How to flash ICS BETA 1 port for I9000

XDA post

My written guide on XDA

Download links (they are updated over there)

CM7.1 download (the one I had in the video)

Download link for JVT (direct)

JVT installation guide can be found here

If you have SIM LOCK enabled, please disable it, by removing your SIM lock on your phone 🙂

-Make sure all your SIM locks are disabled, or else you will have problems unlocking your phone, once on ICS

-Flashed from JVT DARKYROM (you just need GB bootloaders in reality, no matter the ROM)
-Lagfix OFF (via recovery)

-FULL WIPE (factory reset, cache, dalvik)

-FULL WIPE (factory reset, cache, dalvik)
-Flash ICS BETA1 “”
-Flash kernel “”

-Reboot = you will end up with a black screen, and your 2 buttons showing up (almost like BLN)

-DO NOT WORRY = Hold: VOL UP + HOME + POWER for around 30 seconds -> you will be now rebooted into recovery

-FULL WIPE (factory reset, cache, dalvik)
-Flash kernel AGAIN “”


And you are DONE!


First off:
-Check SU; if it allows you to update or not – didn’t work for me.
If it doesn’t work:
Go into your recovery and flash:
“” (from the download list)

Once that is done, reboot, and re-check superuser = it should work perfectly now!

-Check 3G: if it works = all good (mine was fine)
IF NOT follow this:
-Get Script manager (free from market)
-Download the 3G fix from ybinnenweg’s guide “enable3gv3”
-Go into recovery, flash it, and reboot your phone:

-Now go into script manager (open the app)
1. Go back, and back into /

2. Then find “etc”
So it should be system/etc

3. Then from there go to “init.d”
So it should be system/etc/init.d

4. In here select the script named 99enable3g and open it as a executable script
5. Now click on the button “help” and select/tick: run as root, run at boot, run on network change. Don’t do anything else
4. Hit the “save” button.
5. Hit “exit” button
6. Back back back out of script manager



47 thoughts on “How to flash ICS BETA 1 port for I9000

  1. BLADESMAN1889

    Nice video TD

    So I am ALREADY on CM7 Nightly – so just need to wipe then flash the ICS file onwards ? correct ?

  2. BLADESMAN1889

    Never mind m8 –

    I installed the TeamHacksung Beta – straight over the top of CM7 [Nightly181]

    All went through 1st time nice and smooth :–>

    Just doing all the Titanium stuff and setting up the phone – seems very fast and smooth for just a Beta –

    This version [Teamhacksung] is what will become the CM9 ROM.

    Easier than I imagined thanks to those genius’s !

  3. Alex

    I used your guide and i installed ICS just fine.Thanks for that ! What i wanted to ask (if you know it and before i do it).Can i simlock my phone now that ICS is installed or must it be unlocked all the time ?

    1. TotallydubbedHD Post author

      well BETA2 just got released and seems to have addressed the issue – but you can’t hold me to that- on BETA1 = what you flashed DO NOT put a sim lock, might cause problems = no idea what though lol

  4. Jishnu

    awesome..going to flash it now, like you i am also moving from darky, have been using darky for quite some time back, but too tempted to move to ics 😉 the main thing i will miss is the swype and the name recognition on there a way around it? also i have been wanting to ask, i have a mac and not a pc, how do i get all this done? i used to use my work pc or my wife’s pc before, but don’t have access to it now. thx a lot..jishnu, galaxy s i9000

    1. TotallydubbedHD Post author

      for swype there sure is: Just download the swype BETA 🙂
      Oh with a max you need to use something call heimdall suite – although for flashing ICS you only need to go via CWM

  5. Jishnu

    wow..thx..i have never gotten a reply so fast from anyone including the darkyys..i appreciate it…oh i was not sure whether swype can be installed, and in terms of the dialer, i just need to install a dialer from the market rite? also is there a bug in the names appearing in messaging? so far thats the only one i found since installion last night..btw su and 3g worked in the installation did not need to flash it..i have a mac so i do the download as well on my phone and thats how i flashed…will keep you updated if i come across any issues..also will be following you closely and flash according to your suggestions and what you would do..i like experimenting as well..;) is there anything else i can do on the ics to enhance it?

  6. Jishnu

    just went through the review video, you mentioned that the vibrate on the keyboard can be switched off, i could not find a way to do so, pls help. I tried installing swype, the website seems to be down 🙁 . The auto brightness is too dark. Thx again for all your help 🙂

  7. Avesh

    wow…i tried second time and done…thnx TotallydubbedHD . I want my contacts back which i baked up with kies…and its also on my sim card i cannot find my sim contact…so what to do now…?

    1. TotallydubbedHD Post author

      no problem :D!

      In terms of your sim…does your phone pick it up at all?
      As in does your sim work, say if someone calls you?
      If it does, then you just have to go in the settings of contacts, and import your contact from SIM 🙂

  8. oneill

    hi i followed the steps and after i installed the ics beta 2 and fugu mode twice….and after i reboot system i have the boot screen with fugu mod sign and after…. i get black screen and nothing happens

  9. Alex

    Beta2 isnt for me … i have too many problems.For starters my pc cant recognize the phone and thats a major issue , and i had connectivity problems with Market.So i went back to Beta1 thats way better.
    An other thing i wanted to ask (and maybe you know) is if i can make it when it rings , to contantly hear the ringing cause now eg when i use digital phone as ring sound , it just rings once and stops.Any ideas on what i can do ? 🙂

  10. Barney

    Hey! Thanks for your guide, I successfully installed the rom (beta2), but when I’m trying to install Script Manager from the Market it says my device is not compatible with this item. Do you have any idea? (I9000)

  11. Zer0w

    So I’m on Darky Rom 10.2.2 JVQ, and I would like to know if I can switch over to ICS because the only thing I see mentioned is JVT nothing about JVQ..

    And great video 😉

  12. electrick

    i have a bell gt-i9000m. i followed the directions to the tee. my phone will not boot. am i missing something that has to be done differently for this model galaxy s?

  13. Jorgen

    I did a clean install of Beta 2 succesfully 🙂 only thing the phone wont do at the moment is connect to a provider (t-mobile Netherlands) could this have something to do with the JVK modem?

    And when i want to install the scriptmanager from the market it says that i am having the wrong device (I9000) so it wont let me 😛

    1. TotallydubbedHD Post author

      Man this is why I didn’t like BETA2 :/
      About the network provider – it could be linked to the radio/modem, but for the market issue, unfortunately that’s a bug I found in BETA2, and not in BETA1 – if I were you, I would personally go back to BETA1=
      You won’t have a low dpi, and you won’t have USB driver issues, furthermore, you won’t have market issues.
      just remember on BETA1 to install SU fix from CWM

  14. Jorgen

    i am allready back on Beta 1 🙂 and installed SuperUser also. Also No problems with 3G so i think im not going to have to use the scriptmanager 🙂

    1. TotallydubbedHD Post author

      Indeed – I didn’t have to, only added it in there IN CASE people for some odd reason had problems (it was really people that were on ALPHA7/8 = previous versions)
      And good man :D!
      No market issues too :P?

      Remember to open SU and update it, then go into the market, and you will probably have a notification to update SU, if not, then search for superuser and get its update (i think that’s how it is from my memory)

  15. Zer0w

    Thanks for this wonderful guide and also for the help before, I successfully installed ICS Beta 2 with working 3G, but I need to know one more thing may I enable sim lock again?

  16. Anirudh VK

    hi totally dubbed! lemme start by saying kickass videos man 😀 totally love em, and totally love that british accent! 😀

    now getting to the point, onecosmic or cm nightly, wot do u recommend???


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