How to flash Ficeto’s JVT Base ROM

DarkyROM post

Direct download link (sourceforge)

Mini explanation of everything I went through/did:
-JVT RE = Old market + no music player/task manager
-INCR update (JVS-JVT) = New market + app apps that can be installed via OTA/Darkyrom tools
-Honeycomb theme = New market +apps (if you did incr update) but missing task manager + music player

What I did finally (best install):
-INCR Update
-Flashed honeycomb/darkytheme via OTA app
-Installed music player etc that I wanted incl installed swype via OTA

One thing that’s still missing: SGS2 Clock widget = impossible to get it (as in “install” it) so went on the market and found: ClockQ that gave me a honeycomb + others clock widgets = win

The ROM is faster than JVQ, and now it looks even better (although I could have done that on JVQ :P)


30 thoughts on “How to flash Ficeto’s JVT Base ROM

  1. daveyp2tm

    JVT is a joy to use. So fast. The JVT modem seems to be draining my battery a fair bit though. What modem do you reckon is best? It takes ages to get a GPS lock too. When I was on CM7 the GPS lock was very fast.

    Oh yeah and the task manager doesn’t work, i need to find the APK somewhere. I’ve installed swype but that isn’t appearing in my keyboard list and also holding down the menu soft key doesn’t launch search.

    1. TotallydubbedHD Post author

      Install the JVS-JVT incr package and you will get task manager πŸ˜‰
      And in terms of the battery drain – JVT is the best for me, modem etc wise too.

      Seems weird why you are getting these problems – did it really wipe or did it not?

      1. Rapid

        – intalled JVS/JVT update
        – installed TaskManager from DarkyTools, TaskManager works
        – installed Honeycomb theme
        – TaskManager gone and not listed in DarkyTools (not in install, not in uninsall). If I hold the Home hard-key and klick on TaskManager, phone resets.

        1. TotallydubbedHD Post author

          Honey theme removes task manager bro that’s why.
          Redo the JVS update and it will be back.

          Its basically: Either the theme, or the apps.
          Another way to do it on the honey theme, is to extract the .apk’s and then put them into system/app yourself πŸ™‚

  2. arks

    heey man .. great work
    i have a bit of a problem .. my phone keeps asking for a password and i cant do anything about it so i was hoping u could help me
    thanks in advance πŸ™‚

  3. Anth

    Where am i able to download the JVS-JVT incr package… cant find it on ficetos page, or in any forums… ive flashed and now cant find it as its stopping me putting the honeycomb theme on .. ahh!

  4. vinith

    Hey Hi Totally Dubbed!

    I follow your videos and guides to flash over several diff ROMS, Kernal and firmwares .. I even tried ICS beta 2 and beta 1 .. but currently Im on Ficeto’s JVT Base ROM.. I jus have one query my network is vodafone .. n Im really having a hard time with my network .. my default CSC code is set on “KOR” .. do you think changing the code to maybe XEU ..would help getting a better network .. oh yeah Im from India ..

    Thanks n Cheers!

    1. TotallydubbedHD Post author

      Well it will help you get your identification of your network – I would think so, as when I change CSC to XEU for example, i get the right carrier chosen.
      So it might help – I would give it a shot – remember it will factory reset when it changes CSC

  5. Gecy

    Where can i get the whole package with incr pack and honeycomb theme. Looked upthere in download link but i cant find it…

  6. Gecy

    Seema great! Theonly thing so far… Internet browsing via 3g is not working! Why is that? No problems when connected to wifi. How to solve this problem? Market and facebook app are working via 3g..

    1. Gecy

      Ok, my bad. Had to change apn settings. But one thing i noticed… If you install task manager BEFORE you flash honeycomb theme, i will be erased. And it is no longer available via OTO. So i installed ROM, installed JVS-JVT, flashed theme and finaly installed missing apps. Works like a charm πŸ™‚ Thanks guys!

  7. garrett

    Any chance of making the JVS-JVT update available for download as the OTA download is VERY slow… +10mins for 5%

    Thanks for the great work dubbed!


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