Sony HX9V – Review & Info FULL GUIDE

Video of the pictures and a Video using the HX9

I bought the camera for £300 and have claimed £40 from Sony – Thus bringing it down to £260 once I get my cheque in the post from Sony!

Here is a link to where I bought it from

SD card I have in (8GB Class 10)

I also have purchased an additional battery, which will come in useful when I want to take more shots/videos

I bought the SD card + the extra battery + a LCD protection + case for a combo deal @ £49 @ Jessops :D!
Was cheaper than any internet price I found at the time!

I also got a 3 year additional cover for the camera, protecting it from accidental damage too – which cost another £49.

So all together I paid £398 – £40 (back from Sony) = £358 for the whole package.

I find this camera very nice indeed, especially in the video capturing department! In the still shots, I found it a little less impressive, but lovely nonetheless.

I hope this review touches upon anything you need to know about the camera before you buy it.

My overall rating for the camera would be 8/10
Losing out on: (cons)
-Charging/accessories which came with the camera
-Lack of support for the AVCHD file MTS clips
-Movie button a little too concealed for my liking
-Scroll wheel at top hard to change preset
-Picture quality nice, but not that impressive vs. My old DSCW300

Enjoy the guide!
Longest video I’ve posted on YouTube to date!


10 thoughts on “Sony HX9V – Review & Info FULL GUIDE

  1. Amanda Anderson

    Thank you for sharing this article. I just bought this camera a month ago but have really get chance to look into each functions. However, one question I have so far is that how do I download the video from the camera? When I plug in the USB and go through the folder, I don’t see any video except pictures. Should I download any program to convert the file to review it on PC as well?

    Thank you,


  2. Chris

    Hi, thanks for the review. I bought a HX9V as well and have a problem with the GPS. I read that I can download assisted GPS-data to the camera to have a quicker SatFix but I don´t know how to do it. I can´t find anything in the PMB-Software. Do you have a solution?
    Thanks a lot


  3. Rahul

    Hello ,

    I too faced the exact problem of skin color not showing real in the auto mode.
    So u have mentioned in the video that u have changed the settings in the Program mode(P).
    Can u mention in a mail giving all the values u changed to achieve good color of the skin(overall Humans) ?
    Thanks a lot in advance.

  4. Ragz


    How to disable the keypad tone? Its really irritating me. I dint find any option in the setting to disable the tone. Help me…


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