Review – Fiio E5 portable headphone amplifier

Pros: Small, Cheap, nice bass boost
Cons: Doesn’t help the overall SQ, Hissing

Packaging & Accessories: 4/10
Build Quality: 8/10
Design & Look: 9/10
Audio Quality: 8/10
Portability: 10/10
EMI (Interference with mobiles etc): 7/10 (higher rating means lower EMI)
Transparency (Plays same sound as source): 7/10 (higher rating means it’s close to the source)
Battery life: 8/10
Hissing: 6/10 (higher rating means lower hissing)
Value: 10/10
My final Rating: 10/10

Purchase Date: September 2010
Purchase Price: £15

Iv’e had the amp for 2 years now, but only used it on and off for 6months. They are brilliant for adding that extra bass that you once craved, ie. with the Westone 2’s – however when they are paired with higher-end IEM’s they tend to lose a little bit of the crystal clear mids & highs ie. with the Denon Ah-D2000’s

That said, for the price, they are absolutely brilliant for anyone that wants to spend “fast food money” on a portable amp!

Some pointers:

-Small -> fits in your pockets very nicely, and clips on great!
-Doesn’t use your battery
-Can be used with any device, as it is a 3.5mm in/out
-Good bass boost function
-10hrs battery life
-Easy functionalities with controls
-ON/OFF switch

-Extra wiring
-Doesn’t really help the SQ, as in it doesn’t add anything new

Here is my video review:

Some useful links:

Bought this for £15.25 from this ebay user
Great communication, and a great bunch of guys there! Check em out!


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