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Overview of 3M Dual Lock – SJ3540 – With Pictures of my Portable Audio Setup

Here is where I bought it from

These do wonders for portable audio solutions!
Thanks to Tyll from InnerFidelity for the initial heads-up!

Here are the pictures of my portable setup!
You will see the Dual Lock, attaches my digizoid ZO2 and my Samsung Galaxy S quite well – I also have a custom made interconnect

I decided to sell my SGS i9000, and thus had to remove the 3M Dual Lock, on the back of my phone – it wasn’t a simply process and didn’t come off easily. Luckily enough, my SGS backplate, comes off, and thus I dunked it into so hot (not boiling) water, and after 15mins, the adhesive foam material came right off, with ease!
Thus, do bear that in mind, when putting this on a surface that cannot be wet – ie. on electronic devices!