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Review of the Razer Orbweaver Stealth Mechanical Gaming Keypad – Perfecting your gaming experience

Pros: Cherry MX Brown, ergonomics, software, small size, backlit keys
Cons: Availability of the older revision with the better switch Cherry MX switch, price, niche functionality, lack of a removable cable

Build Quality: 9/10
Design & Look: 9/10
Software: 10/10
Value: 6/10
Performance: 9/10
My final Rating: 8.5/10

Purchase Date: November 2014
Purchase Price: £90

Razer Orbweaver Stealth - Feel

First of all I would like to thank Razer for sending me the keyboard for review.
The Orbweaver has been updated, and I was sent the older revision of it (with Cherry MX Browns) – the newer version has Razer’s “own” switch, which is in fact produced by Kailh, a Chinese manufacturer that has copied Cherry’s design, that presumably makes the switches for a lower cost and therefore gives Razer better profit margins. Either way, I am reviewing the MX Brown version – which is a slight problem,a s despite being sent this in November 2014, it has already been replaced and therefore the Orbweaver that has Cherry MX switches is extremely hard to find, especially the MX Brown version.
I’ll therefore try to write this review in a way that people looking at the newer revision of the Orbweaver can use this review as a basis to decide if they need it or not. I’ll talk about the MX Brown switches briefly.

The MX Brown version is quite hard to find – I was only able to find the Blue switch variant of the keypad.
I chose to based the review off the £90 price tag, and it can be found fro a variety of prices around the web, for example on AmazonUK for £95. You can also find the blue switch version for $110 on AmazonUSA and also the new Razer green switch version for $112.

Some more information about the Orbweaver can be found on Razer’s website (again bear in mind the link goes to the newer revision of the Orbweaver, not the 2013 version with the Cherry MX switches).

Before getting into my written review, here’s my video review of the Razer Orbweaver Stealth:

Now let’s get into this written review!

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