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Review & Unboxing of the Sennheiser IE8’s

Pros: Bass knob, wire quality, accessories, mids, highs, soundstage (depends on you)
Cons: Bass, soundstage (depends on you), price, jack

Packaging & Accessories: 8/10
Build Quality: 10/10
Design & Look: 9/10
Microphonics (higher ratings means lower cable noise): 10/10
Isolation: 7/10
Comfort: 7/10
Audio Quality: 8/10
Value: 4/10
My final Rating: 7/10

Purchase Date: April 2010
Purchase Price: £160

I bought these in 2010 from Amazon (themselves), and had a seal broken on them – after calling Sennheiser, the local manager told me to return them to Amazon, as they would never sell Sennheiser’s with a broken seal.
So I returned them.

Here is an unboxing video:

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