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Review of the Razer Tiamat 7.1 Elite Gaming Headset – Avoid at all costs

Pros: Customisation, software, control pod functionalities
Cons: Price, overall sound quality, control pod static problems, one wire design (no removable cable), looks and design, microphone design, comfort

Build quality: 4/10
Comfort: 5/10
Overall sound quality for a headset: 3/10
Isolation: 8/10
Microphone quality: 8/10
Value: 2/10 (at £160 price tag)
Overall rating: 3/10

Razer Timat 7.1 - Razer logo

First of all I would like to thank Razer for sending me this out for review. It can be bought on AmazonUK for around £160 & AmazonUSA for $177. This was my first experience of Razer’s audio range (and this is one of their most expensive products), and you’ll be able to see from my ratings above, that it really didn’t impress me. Read on to find out more.
For more information about the headset and its specifications can be found on Razer’s website.

Here’s my video review:

Now let’s get into the written review!

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