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Jisoncase Review for Samsung Galaxy S3, S4 and Note2 Cases

I was sent the Jisoncase’s for review for the three devices. I have to say I’ve been incredibly impressed by the quality of the cases.
First and foremost I want to share with you a promo code, that grants you a $10 USD discount from the Jisoncase website:
BYOUTUBE2013“. This is definitely a a huge discount on these cases, which I suggest using if you plan on purchasing from their site.

Alternatively you can go to their online stores:
-Their eBay store
-Their Amazon UK Store
-Their AmazonUSA store

Now diving into a short written review:
I found all the cases to have a consistent, well made design and especially good attention to detail. The cut-outs are well placed for all devices, for their camera, speaker (both front and back), power key, 3.5mm jack and USB connection. The only cut-out that isn’t present, for the Note 2 and S3 for example, is the volume rocker. However, due to the nature of the cases, opening up from right to left – it makes sense. Thus I can’t complain about that.
Other than that, the price is something that’s always a major concern for buyers, including myself, when it comes to any sort of products and cases are no different in that respect. I find the pricing from Jisoncase extremely well priced for the quality of the item received. As I stated in my video review below, I haven’t come across many cases that offer a similar quality for such a reasonable price. Just to add the cherry on the top of the cake, the screen protector that comes with a few of the cases are very easy to use and of good quality (from what I’ve observed on my S3).

overall, I can’t fault these cases in any respect. They are excellent cases that I’ve found to be extremely stylish, professional and more so really well made at an extremely reasonable price for handmade products.

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