Unboxing, Overview & Initial Impressions of the AKG K551 headphones

Here is my Unboxing Video:

Here are the pictures:
Click on them, to open them and see them in a larger size, enjoy!

Initial Impressions

First impressions of the AKG K551:
-Incredibly smooth sound signature
-Soft mids
-Accurate and well extended highs
-Lacking bass/lows – not much extension nor very capable in that department
-Incredible soundstage and music reproduction
-Extremely light
-Comfortable for long listening sessions
-Great design
-Flexible and seem strong, despite its lightweight
-Soft pads
-Ears are close to the drivers, due to thin pads
-Beautiful look
-Pivot, tilt and rotatable ear cups
-Short wire for headphones
-Mic does NOT work with Android 4.2.2 – only play/pause works
-Jack termination is over sized
-Wire thickness is extremely small and worrying
-Lack of detachable cable and is sided on the left side driver
-Needs to be driven with an amp
-Lack of a 1/4″ adapter
-No accessories provided (such as a carrying bag)

Hope you enjoyed the unboxing, pictures & the initial impressions!
My review of the AKG K551’s has now been published


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