Using a USB JIG on a Samsung Galaxy S III – GT-I9300

Here is the video showing it:

I bought the USB JIB, quite a while ago, from eBay, and never really used it on my I9000 – I thus got curious about using it + the flash counter on the I9300.

All-in-all, the S3’s flash counter doesn’t get reset, but the JIG works in booting the S3 straight into download mode, which is exactly what I bought it for (a safety net).

Hope this clears up some things!

10 thoughts on “Using a USB JIG on a Samsung Galaxy S III – GT-I9300

  1. mahmut SEVİNDİK

    I have to shut down when installing software i9300 s3 dovnload mode does not disclosed. jag that produced silent i9300 usb will it dovnload Can you help fashion. will be getting one.

  2. Richard

    Hi – You used Superoneclick to root your Galaxy S.

    What did you use to root your S3?

    The Toolkit from the guy on xdadevs?

    Thanks, Richard

  3. Richard

    Watching that vid now, thanks. The Toolkit method looks veeerrrry easy, but I’m wanna look at any other methods ‘cos I really don’t wanna brick my device!

    Cheers, Richard


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