How to un-root & flash a stock ROM – Samsung Galaxy S III – GT-I9300

Here is the video guide:
Which covers everything you need to know!

Useful links:
Faryaab’s post on XDA with a collection of STOCK ROM’s
-Triangle Away by Chainfire – Paid version on play store & free version on XDA (Both are the same thing)
Sammobile – where you can find a list of stock firmwares

Here is a written guide:
How to get into:
Download mode: Down + Home + Power keys
CWM Recovery: Up + Home + Power keys

-Download samsung drivers for the S3, via Kies for example
-Download firmware, relevant to you
-Un-Zip firmware and ODIN files -> you will get 2 folders
-Backup anything important, like SMS, contacts, apps etc, and save them to your PC
-Get Triangle Away app
-Use Triangle Away app to get into warning/download mode
-Let Triangle Away reset counter & reboot phone
-After reboot, switch off phone
-Get into download mode, and check if it has successfully reset the counter
-From download mode, go straight into recovery (don’t worry, the phone isn’t downloading anything, and you won’t damage it)
-Wipe data/factory reset, wipe cache, wipe dalvik
-Go into download mode
-Launch Odin, and setup stock rom MD5 file in PDA (do not touch anything else)
-Plug phone in
-Hit start & patiently wait for it to finish
-After phone has booted and you have fully booted up, unplug wire
-Check phone version is correct to what you flashed – in dialler type: *#1234#
-Get you IMEI number (keep this number confidential) by typing in dialler: *#06# – write this number on a piece of paper
-Get into CSC chooser & installer by typing in dialler: *#272*IMEINumber#
->If the CSC is wrong, or not right to your relevant region – Go here and get the right one for you
–>Install relevant CSC if it is wrong
-Wipe INTERNAL SD card, by factory resetting in settings, on your phone.
-Let phone reset, and reboot
-(optional) plug into Kies and let Kies upgrade your phone to the latest firmware
-Turn off phone and get into download mode
-Make sure you have no flash counter registered
-Reboot phone using power key
-Send into Samsung, sell and do as you wish on your “never flashed”, still valid for warranty Samsung Galaxy S III πŸ™‚

On another note, you might be interested to know that, when on a custom ROM, and flashing another custom ROM via CWM, after using triangle away to reset the counter, your counter will not be increased.
For more information, watch this video:

Hope you enjoyed this extensive guide!

173 thoughts on “How to un-root & flash a stock ROM – Samsung Galaxy S III – GT-I9300

  1. Sheheryar Siraj

    do you know how to temp unroot the S3, i want to watch rented movies on my s3 but it says country not supported. did a bit of searching around and its because of the phone being rooted.

    1. dario

      maybe if you remove root privilegies to the apk that you use to play the rented movies it’d work?i think #superSU have the option to enable or disable root with a click… try that

  2. veyrongatti

    this is a great vid when i get my hand on an S3 thanks man for guiding me through my
    S1 experience it was really helpful and now i know what to do when i screw up my new phone ^^

  3. Alexandre


    I’m from brazil, basically from your video, the unique diferent step that i need to do is download and install ZTO CSC to my phone to have the correctly IMEI?

    Also, what happens if i don’t do that, or make it wrong?

    1. TotallydubbedHD Post author

      Well csc will help identifying the network your on, not the imei.
      Nothing goes wrong if you don’t do that. Just sometimes you’ll find that the network id is wrong.

  4. Rodrigo

    When the phone boots after i flashed the stock firmare i keep getting force closes on all apps and says: android.acore process has stopped. i did everything on the list, please help me πŸ™

    1. Mohammed Abu Rahmeh

      Yes .. I faced the same thing yesterday and it was because not factory reseting phone .. factory rests and all will go OK .. If you are not able to reach factory reset due to the many many force closes on your screen .. remove the battery .. press (volume up+home+power) .. go to wipe data and wipe cache, then repoot and it will solve the issue too

  5. chintan

    hi, i recently followed yor guide, i upgrades from le2 orange to LG8 stock now what has happend is that the voodoo sim unlock is not valid how would i go about unlocking my phone now? also i tried mikes sim fix : but now people are saying there phone is blacklisted and what not i have done the patch without backing up efs is there anything i can do?

  6. Simon

    Im very new and i rooted my phone few days before.Now i updated via kies and everything is fine (About phone status Normal and firmware official)but i do have counter reset 1. so wants to use Triangle away but i need exact Stock Rom for my phone before i start and thats the problem.How do i know which one is for my phone i was in Sammobile site but i dont think they have .Exactly what i wants to know is what info i need from Phone status (Like AP,CP.CSC) or something else too.From phone where i can get PDA info?

    I have Galaxy S3 GT-19300 (Sweden)
    Android version 4.0.4 Build: BLG3
    Basebad version: 19300XXLFB

    If u can help me out please ….


    1. TotallydubbedHD Post author

      Easier way is to go via check fus. There you will know the current and latest firmware for your phone.
      As for what you are on now, it’s, by the looks of it blg3, with a lfb modem.
      To confirm that, you’re in your dialler:
      *#1234 # to know all your info.

  7. Simon

    Thanks ..Yes thats correct when i dialed *#1234 # AP and CP and CSC is NEEBLF1.

    If i use check fus it will show me everything after connect my phone? and let download latest firmware to my computer? and lastly Which one is PDA number?

  8. Mohammed Abu Rahmeh

    Hello TotallydubbedHD ..

    I have the international SGS3 that I have rooted a while ago and flashed a custom rom .. I’ve been reading all ur posts for a week (I’m a noop clearly) before flashing back to stock rom as I need to go back to the traditional upgrade way – through kies

    Everything went very well with me but finally, my device is still not supported by by Kies

    I have flashed the correct 1st firmware on my device and the correct CSC with all stts showing normal/official i/o modified and factory reset so everything seems correct .. why would kies not recognize my phone yet .. any ideas? Pls help !!

    Question that might lead to solution: what is the difference between firmware I9300XXALEF Egypt version and I9300XXALEF Saudi Arabia version? If I flashed one of them instead of the other considering it my original flash, would that make a difference for Kies to accept my phone again?

    1. TotallydubbedHD Post author

      Hey man,
      Well you have to make sure it’s for your region.
      I think your problem is that, as you have noted.
      Now as for kies…well the thing is, does it not pick it up at all? Or doesn’t update it?
      As for the updating, if you are on the latest firmware then there would be nothing to update.

      1. Mohammed Abu Rahmeh

        Thanks for your reply

        Kies picks up my phone and I can use it to sync data or whatever, BUT it shows “your device doesn’t support software upgrading via kies”, which is the same message I used to get when my device had the custom rom

        I don’t have the latest firmware which is BLFB for my region. I flashed the original one (ALEF) and trying to let kies upgrade it to the latest one

        I believe it’s the region issue. I’m currently downloading the original firmware for different regions via (check fus) and I’ll let you know my findings once done

        Thanks again!

          1. Mohammed Abu Rahmeh

            Hello TD .. I have flashed many firmwares with different regions yesterday and FINALLY, flashed the correct one and Kies accepted my device again !!
            Thanks a million for the video, TD !

  9. Rafael Cabral

    Hello, I live in Brazil and a friend bought a S3 for me in Ireland and everything worked perfectly. Yesterday, 19/08 he received an update through Kies and the stopped receiving mobile phone signal, shows NO SERVICE, like lock. I followed your step-by-step and went back room of Ireland, but it did not work. Any ideia? Thx

      1. Rafael Cabral

        So, if you could see this, is the same problem: “”

        And I just know now, my IMEI number was changed, and I don’t know diferent for the printted on back phone.

  10. Ash

    Hi, I followed these instructions and now my phone is stuck at “SAMSUNG” while booting. I was running CM10 with JB. Is there a solution to this?

    Thanks Ash

  11. chrz

    Thanks for a great guide!

    However, after flashing stock rom (NEEALE8 – Nordic/Norway), CSC is listed as “Unknown” for some reason.

    I proceeded to download the CSC for my region and started flashing that via the CSC button in Odin, but 15-20% into the process Odin reported failure. Now the phone is stuck at that download point and I’m unsure as to where to go from here.

  12. chrz

    Nevermind, I flashed the rom and the CSC files simultaneously, and then it worked. It’s now running stock everything. The only thing I didn’t do is let Kies see if it finds it, but that’s because Kies crashes on start and can’t even detect itself…

    Apart from that, everything’s groovy. Thanks again for a great guide!

  13. William

    Does this method work on galaxy note 2? i’m from singapore it’s a korea set without LTE. To my understanding LTE is 7105

  14. Olli

    Thanks for the video, it was very easy for me to un-root and flash stock ROM.
    But: How long does it take till the phone is fully booted?
    It rebooted once, there was the Samsung sound and the animated Samsung logo and now it’s stuck at the glowing “SAMSUNG” and nothing happens.
    Do I have to wait or did I do something wrong?
    Thanks in advance!

  15. nate

    I watched this like 4 times, but couldn’t find out which part is for un-rooted devices… I have JB, but want to go back ti stock ICS. Plz let me know which part is for non rooted devices! Thank you.

    1. TotallydubbedHD Post author

      You un-root the device by flashing stock.
      To return back to a stock rom, you flash a stock rom (be it rooted or not).
      Long story short if you want to revert back, flash a stock rom, however there’s no need to use triangle away, as you weren’t rooted previously.

          1. TotallydubbedHD Post author

            There’s no need for that. People looking to downgrade, should just flash a stock rom to do so. And that can be any rom. More so it won’t really apply to all my other steps in the guide.

            Just grab a stock rom, and flash it via Odin.
            May I ask why you are doing this, and more so, how you got on jb?

          2. nate

            Oh snap…I entered the wrong e-mial for the previous posts!!! Daaang it… the person with that e-mail will be shocked now :D… Anyway, my understanding says… use Odin in download mode , download a previous stock ROM, flash it, then I’m good to go?

  16. nate

    Well…my S3 is a UK version, but I live in US. We had the JB update 2 or 3 days back, but I have a problem with the WIFI. It keeps disconnecting (I tried all the work around options, but none worked). I guess it is a problem with the location, maybe I got a Rom that was supposed to be for US?!!! I can’t do any work that needs internet connection now!

    So now I want to get back to my stock ICS, that’s why I asked. I would appreciate any kind of help here or the steps on how to do it!


  17. Jay

    I have a i9300 and when I hold the vol down+home+power nothing happens. I got this phone with a custom rom- and am trying to get it unrooted.Any help would be greatly appreciated-


    1. TotallydubbedHD Post author

      If it’s on a custom rom: when you hold the power button, whilst it is on, you should get the option of restart and power off – correct?
      If so, and if it had the extended power menu, you should also get the option of download mode, or after clicking the restart button you should get a secondary menu for the download option.

      Apart from that, it should work normally.

  18. zen0s

    Hey, thanks for the great video but I ran into a little issue here. Everything went smooth till I got to setting CSC. My S3 is suppose to be set to PHE (Spain) and when I type in *#272*IMEI# I see Sale Code: PHE but underneath I only see blank selection. I did search some sites and seems like i need CSC file? but I can’t find any PHE CSC downloadable file. So frustrated, can’t connect to Kies due to unknown CSC. I posted Q&A on xda, please if you get a chance, please visit and help me out πŸ™ Thanks!

  19. IKY2K


    I bought a Gal S3 from on the Three network from a phone shop but had to get it unlocked to use it on the Vodafone. which was fine, i updated it via Kie’s to Ver 4.0.4 but it now was asking for Network unlock code again. i took it a local shop who flashed it with a ROM and it began to work, but now i cant update to Ver 4.1.1

    if i were to flash back to the orginal ROM could i update OTA or Via Kies and also if i follow the guide to check the CSC screen it comes up with a “preconfig” screen and a sales code of H3G? should i chage this BTU?

    any help to get back with the latest fireware.

    Thanks in advance…

  20. 123Boy

    Hey, I wanna ask you something. My S3 is running on 4.1.1 and after I rooted it, I found out that it is not as smooth as before. I did not flash any rom to it. So if I unroot it, will it be normal again? So how do you unroot it back to Jelly Bean not to ICS? And one more thing, I did flash a gallery app to my phone but it caused my stock gallery to force closes everytime I wanted to view any pics. I did remove that gallery app & flash back the stock gallery I’ve downloaded, but still it won’t work. So if I unroot my phone, will I still be able to use my stock gallery back or do I have to get it fix first before unrooting it ? Please help. Thanks a lot.

    1. TotallydubbedHD Post author

      Rooting doesn’t cause any lags or problems.
      Regardless, to solve all your issues, I suggest you flash stock jb, in the same manner I flashed a stock rom.
      This will fix your gallery issue too, as it will replace it.
      Don’t forget to backup on the pc, and fully wipe your phone.

      1. 123Boy

        Thanks for replying. Hey, can you give me any links to download the official JB stock firmware? Will be better if I can get the one for Malaysia, but if I were to flash the firmware from other regions what would be the consequences?

          1. 123Boy

            Hey, it’s me again. Got couple of questions that are still bugging me.
            1) Is my bootloader unlocked since i used cf-root, and after doing so, I have CWM installed. Does this mean my bootloader is unlocked?

            2) Since I did flashed back to stock JB firmware, I did not reset the flash counter. So can I still receive official updates through OTA or Kies?

            Thanks again if you could reply back cause other sites usually take/never reply back

          2. TotallydubbedHD Post author

            1. bootloader? Why do you need to deal with it? Not sure though.
            2. I don’t think so – as kies would pick it up as being unofficial (that’s my presumption) – check via download mode to see if it is on official or not.

            And pleasure mate – I always aim to reply to all queries within 1-5hrs

  21. iky2k

    I flashed the following ROM;
    Base Firmware: I9300XXDLJ4 (4.1.1)
    Region Europe
    Country: United Kingdom
    Carrier: Unbranded
    Build Date: 19 October 2012
    Modem: XXDLID
    Change List: 368423

    but after doing this i find i still got my network bar but when i try to make a call it says “not registered on network” does this mean i’m not on the right CSC? any information would be helpful.


  22. marjo18

    hi sir TotallydubedHD
    gud morning, can i flash any stock firmware or custom rom many times???
    , i want to choose what is the best firmware for my sgs3 i9300, ,please response sir thank you,, as of now i am running cm10 jb, flashing with the latest siyahkernel 1.7v.


    Hi, I was using a CM10 running jelly bean 4.1 and had 4.2 apps such as camera and keyboard installed. However, I wanted to go back to stock because I was facing trouble with camera applications and few bugs which were very irritating. I tried to flash the stock ROM for India ( latest ) and was stuck at SAMSUNG logo. After going through the comments here, I wiped/factory re setted the phone and then freshly flashed the stock ROM. Now my phone works absolutely fine.

    My concern is, I still can see super user icon on my phone, which means I’m still rooted ( i’ve installed stock unbranded latest rom ) . How do I un-root my device now ? Can I now use triangle away and reset my phone’s flash counter ? In recovery mode, my phone says ( flash – 4 times ) , SAMSUNG OFFICIAL . Please help me . I sometimes fear will I lose my warranty and brick my phone. Please help.

    1. TotallydubbedHD Post author

      Yup – go ahead install triangle away, use it as shown in the video, do a full factory reset via settings & recovery, and then re-flash stock rom – then you should be completely fine πŸ™‚


        Please let me know if this is it .
        step 1 – reset the counter using triangle away .
        step 2 – reset the phone through settings / factory reset.
        step 3 – go to recovery mode and wipe/ factory reset.
        step 4 – Flash the ROM again.
        Please let me know if I have missed any step. After you using cm10 i found that stock rom is the best and i don’t want to mess up again.
        Thank you so much in advance !!

  24. Paul

    Hi there, thanks for the great tutorial, everything worked according to your tute and video except after I’ve used triangleaway and factory wipe/rest on CWM it says I am on custom system status in download mode and when I connect it to the PC the PC wouldn’t recognise the phone at all. I am trying to reset it to Australia Vodafone firmware. Please help!

  25. Original21

    This is a great video.
    The only part i did not understand is with triangle away. I have tried to reset the counter for my brother’s S3 (i9300). I am running a custom rom (Neatrom Lite V1.4) with custom kernel & recovery.
    Samsung new bootloader has this function that when you reboot your phone the counter is always at 1. So if how can i overcome this?
    Once more thank you for this video!

    1. TotallydubbedHD Post author

      Well if you watch my new video on LLA, you’ll be able to see – being on a custom rom, and having a 0 flash counter is utterly pointless as your system status will be CUSTOM and not official.
      So, if you don’t want it to be counting, nor at a custom level, you ought to flash stock πŸ˜‰

      1. Original21

        This is what i want to do, go back to stock. My problem is that, since the counter resets to 1 all the time, if i flash stock rom, the counter will remain 1!
        My thoughts are:
        1. Do a factory reset.
        2. wipe cache and dalvik
        3. reboot system and run triangle away
        4. shut down
        5. run odin with official firmware.

        Do you think this will work?

  26. Johann

    I tried flashing with Odin and now my phone is stuck on the Samsung logo, it just keeps repeating itself again and again, any thoughts what could be causing it?

      1. Johann

        Tried that, when I did the 3 button combo I got an error screen stating “Firmware upgrade encountered an issue. Please select recovery mode in Kies & try again” and this is now the only screen I can get, when I hook the phone up to my computer Kies can’t connect to it and tells me to reboot it (which I can’t do because it just puts up that error screen)

  27. Ckrrtje

    Hi, after following your guide, my flash counter is still at 1 and I no longer have super user. Do I have to root my phone again and use triangle away once more?

  28. Mark Legiralde

    good day sir,
    i’ve tried doing the first step which is run reset the counter using the triangle away but after rebooting still my custom binary download: no, current binary: samsung official but my system status is still custom. how can change my system status back to official?

      1. purplesuzie

        I needed to change my CSC code under EMC2 so I rooted the S3 as per your other brilliant video, then used the CSC Changer app to change my CSC to BTU and now want to unroot my S3 again.

        I followed your video and used Triangle Away to reset the counter. My status was custom after Triangle Away although counter now reads 0 and Samsumg Office is oK and correct. Next step you say is to flash so I Odin flashed stock EMC2 back onto phone, system status still reads custom. Help – what should I do now?

        1. purplesuzie

          Yippee. I did a factory reset (forgot that step) and it now reads as a never rooted S3. Thank you my friend for your brilliant videos. I spent A LONG TIME goggling to try and find an easy guide for a noob and yours was just what the doctor ordered πŸ™‚

  29. SaraZ

    My phone was rooted and i wanted to unroot i followed every step correctly but we odin finished everything was good but when the the phone rebooted it froze on the samsung logo nothing is happening what went wrong plzzz help i am freaking out !!

    1. TotallydubbedHD Post author

      Don’t panic, that’s normal sometimes!
      Turn off the phone, by pulling out the battery.
      Then put the battery back in, and enter recovery (Up VOL + home + power)
      Then do a full factory reset + wipe cache – and then go to reboot phone.
      Give the phone 10mins to start up and it will πŸ™‚

  30. manuelmismanos

    hi,im from phillipines just want to ask if this video will turn back my phone to stock im using now omegaromv39 and boeffla kernel i just wann everything to be my question is i am now downloading latest firmware from sam mobile will thie formware overwrite the existing omega rom and boeffla kernel?thanks

  31. Gts.janson

    hi. i used triangle away several times, but the counter in download mode show ” custom binary download: yes ( 1 counts )
    help me what should i do?

    sorry for my english.

  32. mehrdad

    hi.i have full unroot my galaxy s3 from setting in superuser but it didnt unroot and my superuser is not working again.can i still able to do this method?

  33. andriella

    hi where i can find csc for vodafone ireland.. i cant see enywhere… pleas help me . also if i unroot my sgs 3 how to flash in to after and is that will be able to give for warranty to vodafone? Thanks.

  34. kazuna14

    sir can i ask u some question? i rooted my phone last dec 2012 but suddenly i wipe out the stock firmware of my phone so i search on the internet for the new stock firmware and after i installed the stock firmware i encountered another problem and the problem is the sim card error there’s a box that pop up on my screen and its said “THE MOBILE NETWORK WILL BE UNAVAILABLE UNTIL YOU RESTART WITH A VALID SIM CARD INSERTED” you have any idea how to fix this problem sir? i tried your tutorial in the last part of your video about IMEI but everytime i type the *#272*IMEI no.# nothing happened..please sir help me..and by the way my phone now is unroot but there are still 1 count in my custom binary download..should i use the triangle away to removed that?

    1. TotallydubbedHD Post author

      That’s worrying. That sounds as if your EFS has been lost. In other words, it has lost your IEMI number – thus why the dialler thing doesn’t work.
      I can’t really help you that much – but try checking your box (or under the battery) for your IEMI number.
      Then hit *#06# and see if they correspond – if they do, then just re-flash a stock firmware. IF THEY DO NOT however….then you are in for a long journey of trying to recover your EFS back (you’ll have to google that)

      1. kazuna14

        sir my IEMI no. at the back of my battery and when i type the *#06# the IEMI no. that pop-up are the same so sir it means i didnt lost my IEMI no. or EFS right?..what should i do next sir can i use youre tutorial to re-flash my stock firmware? how about sir the custom binary download of my fone it count 1 should i use the triangle away?

        1. TotallydubbedHD Post author

          That’s good to hear that they MATCH. Yes that means you haven’t lost your IEMI or EFS folder.
          I would suggest re-flashing another stock firmware.
          Don’t worry about the counter or anything just yet – that can be sorted out later. Try fixing one problem at a time, and the most important is to get your cellular network working again. Do check APN settings (on google) and make sure that they match the ones in your settings, of your phone.

          1. kazuna14

            sir my cellular network are working there’s no problem with my signal i can call or txt..i just want to fix the sim card error of my phone by the way sir thanks for your help and advice now I’m going to re-flash my stock rom using your video guide sir..i download first the correct stock firmware for my phone and then I’ll do your guide..thnks again sir..ill just post a comment again here sir if i encountered a problem while im doing your guide i hope u help me again ^_^

          2. kazuna14

            hi sir its me again..i already do your video guide i have 2 problems first when i type the *#272*IMEI no.# nothing happen again 2nd is when i connect my phone to samsung kies using pc kies said “youre devices current firmware version is not supported to update firware via kies” what should i do sir?! and also sir my binary count is still 1 count..please sir help me i dont know wat todo now.. :(((

          3. TotallydubbedHD Post author

            Ok try downloading csc chooser from the market. That might help.
            The reason kies can’t pick it up is because of your csc (which you need to change via the iemi number thing) are you sure you are putting the iemi correctly and more so, not putting in anything after the / symbol?

  35. Mark Mcilkenny

    Hi great video but i have a problem used triangle away and got my flash counter from 7 to 1 then completed the process and had to root again with the same result can’t get it lower than one

    1. TotallydubbedHD Post author

      A few people are having this problem – no idea what to say to be honest.
      If you root again, flash recovery, flash another kernel, flash a rom – then the counter will go back up to 1.

      1. kazuna14

        hi sir its me kazuna again sir..sir do i need to put the / symbol before i put the # at the end? and sir how about the csc chooser from market its that free or do i need to pay for it? if so where can i find free version of csc chooser? and by the way sir the sim card error that i told you before are still i need to root and unroot again my phone? i dont know how to fix the sim card error..

        1. TotallydubbedHD Post author

          if you listen tot he video – you’ll see what I say.
          You don’t put the “/” symbol nor anything after it.
          The csc chooser is on the play store and it should be free.

          I don’t think rooting will solve your problem – in all honesty, I think it is due to your CSC.

          1. kazuna14

            sir i didnt put anything after my IMEI no. i just put the # symbol after the no. but nothing happen..i download already the csc chooser from market sir but what should i choose?! my phone AP: I9300XXELKC and my csc:I9300OXXELK4 so its means my phone are from europe but im here in philippines what csc code should i choose? should i choose the csc code for europe or for philippines? im sorry sir for so many questions i just want to fix the sim card error of my phone..what is the csc code for philippines sir? EUR is for europe right?

          2. kazuna14

            sir i downloaded again the csc chooser to check if there is csc for philippines but unfornately no csc code listed for philippines only for europe thats EUR and for POLAND thats XEO..i saw in sammobile that my phone region is from europe and the country is poland..what csc code sir should i choose for poland that XEO or europe that EUR?

          3. kazuna14

            sir last last day i downloaded the csc chooser and i choose the EUR code but still the simcard error is there and samsung update my phone but nothing change..last night i downloaded again the csc chooser and i choose the XEO which is for poland after installation the samsung upgrade again my phone and now my baseband is I9300XXELLA from I9300XXELKC..what do you think sir did i install the correct csc code for my phone? and by the way in EUR code the simcard error always pops up but in XEO code its minimize the sim card error..but my problem are still there i really dont know how to fix this damn sim card error.. :(((

          4. kazuna14

            sir tonight i tried to connect my phone on samsung kies and its detect my phone..did i choose the right csc for my phone?!..and sir i forgot to tell you that i always get the sim card error everytime that my phone is in my pocket..i incountered the sim card error sometimes when im playing or using internet but its rarely..

          5. TotallydubbedHD Post author

            that’s correct indeed.
            For your APN settings, I would look on google for your provider.
            If that also fails, then I have no idea what it can be. I would even suggest RMA’ing it with Samsung, due to it being “faulty”

  36. giannis k

    in my s3 i use triangle away doing the steps you say but in menu the (system status says custom) but in your divice says official what i do wrong and can i contunie or stop dont do any problem on phone
    thanks you and sorry for my english

  37. Mak

    hey any suggestions on how do I get rid of multi-CSC on the samsung galaxy III

    Got the SG3 with Cynogen Mod nightly version installed, flashed it back to Android 4.1.2 so currently running on baseband version I9300XXELLA
    the phone after some continuous usage reboots any suggestions as to why this could be happening.


      1. Mak

        Hey, did the full wipe but its still the same. Could it be that the stock ROM installed is not the appropriate one. I did not get the stock firmware from Sam mobile link, i had downloaded it from some other source.But now i have downloaded the ALE 8 stock firmware from Sam mobile, was thinking to load this firmware using odin.As i said earlier the S3 is running on XELA Region New Zealand VNZ
        but where i am the region is Tanzania, Africa. Maybe that is why its rebooting after some usage.

        I am not quite sure what to do as it also has mutli- CSC due to VNZ stock firmware loaded on it. I was thinking to root it again & follow your guide to un-root & flashing the stock ROM to ALE 8

        Please let me know what do you think about this. I shall wait for your reply and then only proceed.

        Many thanks.

        1. TotallydubbedHD Post author

          Could well be a problem that is linked – but not guaranteed.
          Try flashing from Sammobile – as a source, maybe you’ll have more luck – don’t forget to wipe via recovery too, and have patience for the reboot.

  38. iain lawrenson

    i’ve never done anything like this before but it all went sound no problems now lets see what i can do next

  39. Ritvij

    Your video has helped me a lot but i am facing some problems with my phone.
    when i enter *#272*IMEI number# i am not getting the CSC selection screen. My phone is from UK but now i am in India.
    And when i connect it to my pc its is showing that the CDC communication drivers are not installed.
    I searched for the drivers all over the internet but couldn’t find them i also installed the drivers from the Samsung KIES but still facing the problem. Please help me out.

    1. TotallydubbedHD Post author

      That’s odd – what ROM are you on?
      I would try flashing another STOCK rom – in order tog et this CSC selection (or try looking on the play store for a CSC selector)

      As for your driver issue – just google “samsung USB drivers for mobile phones” and you should be able to download the drivers for the S3

  40. Joram

    Hello TD i just wanna ask where can i find my csc on my gt-i9300 i live here in saudi arabia, im rooted cm 10.1 when i check my mobile it says invalid, i just wanna know what is my csc in my country (saudi arabia) tnx in advance..

  41. Beary

    my imei number is ***************/**
    *=a digit
    so what do i put in as my imei number because it has that sideways dash and dont know what to put in as the imei number.
    I have tried to use the whole line with out the the sidewyas dash…then i tried the numbers before the dash then tried the numbers after the dash nothing worked

    EDIT: btw i have a samsung galaxy s3 and live in us ….i also got the right model for my phone
    EDIT2: ok i have figured out what my imei number is but i wont go into csc at all….i have done it like 20 times…nothing happens

    1. TotallydubbedHD Post author

      OK – I combined your comments into 1 message, as there were 4 of them.
      Well you don’t add anything after the / everything before it, you add.

      As for why it isn’t coming up – no idea – try the CSC chooser on the market to try and access it.

  42. Paul Jason

    Hi, currently I’m having hard time with my S3 replika, it stuck in SAMSUNG logo everytime I open it.
    Can you assist with my issue. Thanks in advance.

      1. Paul Jason

        thanks for the quick reply, actually I’ve already done that, but when i reboot it still stuck in the
        logo (btw it changed to ANDROID logo). i wanna fix this right away because its my gf’s and I
        ruined it. hope u can help me with this one. thanks. I will try it again though to reset.

  43. Paul Jason

    Well the fact is, my S3 is only a REPLICA. That’s why I was thinking that the factory reset was successful because of that. BTW, the HOME + UP + POWER is not working in my replika instead HOME + DOWN + POWER. It’s kinda weird tho. What you think?

      1. Paul Jason

        Oh I’m sorry about that. Well thanks anyways, I find this site very useful tho. I will do this once my S3 gets back to normal.

  44. Carlos

    I have rooted my device and flashed a different rom.
    For some reason the clock will not show the correct time for my country (brazil). Is this a CSC problem?
    Should I reflash the stock rom? I have noticed that I have a different baseband version than the original. Will this be an issue to change the CSC?
    I tried the *#272*IMEI and nothing happened.
    Help plz.

    1. TotallydubbedHD Post author

      The time? Go into time and date settings and change your time zone and/or time.
      FYI: *#272*IMEI* You forgot the * at the end.
      As for CSC – not really much importance, as long as it works

  45. Hugo

    My cell receive signal but don’t make calls , 3g signal or send sms’s. If I try to make calls appear not registered on the network. Lowering the screen that activates wifi, gps, bluetooth, etc, in place of the name of the phone operator( TIM should be) appears only emergency calls. My CSC is ZTO. I just can not do this process with the * # 272 * IMEI *. At the end of my checked imei * # 06 * appeared / 01. Could you help me? I’m starting to get desperate. Thanks and sorry for bad english

    1. TotallydubbedHD Post author

      Remember to ignore anything after the /01 when entering the csc menu. As for the csc, might be worth flashing another stock rom, if you definitely cannot enter the csc changer menu

  46. Flo

    after flashing stock rom, i still get 1 count at custom binary download.
    and if i want to change the csc, it doesn’t happens anything.
    i’ll try another stock rom.
    other suggestions?

  47. sathyamurthy

    hai bro.. jus nw i rooted my samsung gt S5302 ginger bread into Ics fusion Aroma .. my phone rooted successfully .. after rooted my phone cant display imei and sd card.. please give a solution to recover my phone.. plzzzz

  48. Ho

    Can the custom rom binary counter runs into billion (ie 1227707404)?
    My s3 (non-root) can’t start and I have sent for repair. They change the mainboard.
    I can’t update via OTA or Kies and found out it has been rooted.
    In download mode
    phone name is blank and the binary counter runs in billions.
    Is this possible?
    Thanks in advance.


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