Comply Foam Plugs – Unboxing, Overview & Review

First of all, I would like to thank Jorgy, over at Comply Foam for sending me the Plugs to review!
Here is the link to the Comply Foam Website for more technical information & a place where you can buy them from.

Here is the unboxing video:

Here are some pictures of the plugs:
(Click on them to see them in a bigger size)

Impressions & Review:
The Plugs are specifically designed for people in loud environments, which means that this isn’t like the other Comply Foam products which fit on earphones. This is a separate product, which uses Comply Foam’s tips and places it with a “acoustic baffling and high-pass filters to even out the sound blocking across the entire frequency spectrum”.
As you can see it is really designed to try and block out sound.
Now normally with earphones on their own (depending on which) block out noise whilst inserted and have passive noise cancelling. With the Comply Foam tips, the isolation, and thus noise cancelling of your earphones is greatly increased – but now with the ear plugs, matched with the Comply Foam tips, which already help standard earphones in becoming more efficient in blocking noise, provide a brilliant combination for an affordable price.
Of course this isn’t, in my opinion, really intended to compete with musician filtered hearing protection, which give the musician hearing “protection”, but yet the ability to hear everything around them perfectly. The Plugs are really designed one-way – to block out as much noise as possible.

They do a great job in blocking out sound, and will provide people in loud environments a CHEAP solution to professional grade hearing protection. Personally if you are in the business, or even want to use these to block any sort of sound, then I would truly suggest these.
I feel I won’t be personally using them that much, as I’m not usually in a loud environment, however I feel my dad would love to use these on his motorbike. As he usually puts in foam-esk plugs to protect his ears from the loud motor noise his 600cc Honda Hornet produces. The plugs reduce 15dB of noise, which is a significant amount, however I also feel that earphones, with music playing, and with Comply Foam ear tips do near enough the same job. That said, I’m comparing two different uses for two different scenarios.

Apart from the actual use of the Plugs, their look is nice and trendy – with their light-blue with a hint of green finish, I think these look pretty cool. That said, to be more discrete, I think it would be nice if Comply could provide different colours, such as a black and/or skin-esk colour plug, that would be really quite cool.

I hope this helps!

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