How to remove and install the Denon plastic rings for J$ Pads

I recently bought the J$ Pads from Head-fi after a long search for them (almost 5 months!) – I finally managed to nab a pair for a reasonable price of £40. Might seem a lot for just pads, and I agree, but I wanted that added comfort.

Here is my video guide!

So far, the J$ pads are a little bit of a love/hate relationship, here are its pros and cons (bear in mind I just got them in, no idea how long they have been “burned-in” and by that I mean used, in order to get softer)

-They improve the soundstage, which is very very pleasant
-They reduce the sibilance/harshness of my D2k woody’s
-They reduce bass impact (as the driver is further from your ear) – Depends on your preference
-They added “1 click” to the size I normally wear
-Everything feels a little more controlled/precise, as there is more space between my ears and the driver – Depends on your preference

-They are super stiff
-The hole, where your ear sits is 0.5cm smaller both in length and width – I wish they were larger holes, like on the stock pads
-The stitching is nice, but there are some signs of “crinkles”
-J$’s are warmer, will get sweaty faster
-They reduce bass impact a little (as the driver is further from your ear) – Depends on your preference

Here are some pictures I took, I labelled them too, to make it clearer for y’all!

I went ahead and bought the Lawton Audio Angle Pads after this purchase – for more info, pics and comparisons – Click here

Hope you enjoyed this guide!

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