FiiO E11 Review & Unboxing

Pros: Low EMI, replaceable battery, accessories, High & Low gain settings, clean sounding, drives headphones very well
Cons: Not very portable, slight hissing, doesn’t impact SQ

Packaging & Accessories: 8/10
Build Quality: 9/10
Design & Look: 9/10
Audio Quality: 9/10
Portability: /10
EMI (Interference with mobiles etc): 8/10 (higher rating means lower EMI)
Transparency (Plays same sound as source): 10/10 (higher rating means it’s close to the source)
Battery life: 8/10
Hissing: 6/10 (higher rating means lower hissing)
Value: 10/10
My final Rating: 9/10

Purchase Date: February 2012
Purchase Price: £40

E11 contents

The E11 is a great amp, and I can see why a lot of people like it. However, for me, I didn’t find its size the definition of “portability”. To add to this, the SQ was nice, but didn’t change from the source. In other words, it was a great amp, and a bass booster, but nothing else. Seeing as I have an in-built volume/bass booster already, the E11 proved to be useless and just extra weight to carry around.
It’s not for everyone, but definitely recommended for those that want a clean, flat SQ, with the addition of a boost in volume and bass (both being optional of course)

My ratings, reflect what I think its best for.
You shouldn’t be buying this if you are expecting a change in the SQ. Thus, I give it 5/5 for audio quality due to the fact that this amp, does give 5/5 audio quality. Just because I don’t like its “boring sound” does it mean I should be giving it a lower rating.

It measures approximately: 9.4×5.3×1.3cm

-Drives headphones good
-Clean sounding
-High and Low gain options
-3 settings (EQ0, EQ1, EQ2), where EQ1 adds a little bit of bass, and EQ2 adds a lot more
-Accessories are nice: Nice sturdy/well built wires that come with it + rubber band
-Protected volume controls
-Replaceable battery
-Low EMI

-Isn’t really portable in my eyes, it’s bigger than my phone for god sake!
-Doesn’t really have that much impact on SQ, keeps it as near to the source as possible
-Slight hissing noise when on standby

E11 internals E11 internals

Here is my unboxing video of them:


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