How to flash Jetpack Mod v8 ROM


XDA thread

Direct JW1 BASE download: (as on XDA thread)

Semaphore kernel (2.1.1 used in video)

Theme thread

You can also use the app, before flashing the ROM, although I didn’t

If you want to convert to EXT4 (as default is RFS) Use this app *use the latest version*:
Found here

Hope this helps, any questions, post them below 😀

9 thoughts on “How to flash Jetpack Mod v8 ROM

  1. Meet

    i have recently flashed jetpack mod v8 but i don’t have any can i set bootanimation??plz give me link..
    Thank you.

  2. vineet

    Hey dubbed,
    i am currently on dark knight ics. i had seen ur end of an era video in which u had said jetpack v8 had the best battery. is it possible to flash this rom without odin. i currently don’t have a laptop as i am stuck with my wife’s macbook . these r the specs.
    android :4.04
    xxjvt base
    devil kernel
    dark knight 5.5

    can i directly put the rom into sd card and flash via cwm
    appreciate the help
    vineet vasudevan

    1. TotallydubbedHD Post author

      hey man!
      Well, to be honest, as you are on ICS atm, the best would be to flash a GB bootloader (ie stock rom via ODIN). As you might run into problems whilst flashing jetpack, over ICS, via CWM.

      Thus I’de suggest not to flash via CWM, especially if u don’t have access to a PC.

  3. Nails0r

    hey dubbed.
    just wondering if u might know of an alternative link to download the preflash kit, mentioned on XDA. the DL site linked on XDA doesnt work.. I would like to grab that kit for a solid base when flashing any ROM.
    if not that kit, could u suggest to me a nice throw together that will be good to flash any ‘Wipe ROM’ on top of..
    Love ur work mate. keep it up.
    many thanx in advance.


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