14 thoughts on “How to flash DarkyROM 10.2.1 Final/GM/BETA

  1. Yazdan

    Hey, i followed your instructions perfectly and it worked but my lock screen isnt the touchwiz 4 one. I have the rotary instead. How can i get the touchwiz one?

  2. Juppie

    Hey thanks but my phone is frozen now on startup where it says Powered by DarkyROM and DarkCORE.
    I did exactly as the video shows. I had JVQ 10.2 RE, wanted 10.2.2 (10.2 RE somewhy can’t last over 30 hours open and usually a little after 24 hours the phone gets small twitches and freezes until it ultimately freezes when I try to launch the smallest thing or press any random button or use any function of the phone, then restarts.) I used the AllianceOTA application as updated from Google Play Store, unticked wipe user data, selected .zip, restarted, after installation it made auto-restart and got stuck since there. took out battery, tried re-applying update from recovery menu, and now im sitting with a piece of scrap metal. Samsung Galaxy S GT-i9000.

  3. prince

    hi dubbed i love all ur vids …

    i want the name of the livewallpaper and the launcher u have pls can u plst it here today ? thanks 🙂

    as always prince [arTk!lla]

  4. prince

    hi totally … i love all ur vids man and im on a grt confusion

    im on stock rom but i need a fastest gb rom and kernel…

    can u pls suggest any1 … which is faster and more stable for daily use … only GB roms .. <3 thanks love ya..

  5. prince

    hi totallyubbed thanks for the roms ill check them… but my phone memory is alwys above 270+ and my max ram is 336 mb i have only LWP the one you told starfeild and i dont use launcher too i use stock ones …. using launcher will use more ram .. ? …pls tell how to get free ram to make my device faster.. thanks loveya

  6. prince

    wat did u do to make ur live wallpaper shatter in ur screen like stars hitting ur screen

    wat version of starfeild r u using ?


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