Unboxing the i-Mego Retro Heavy Beats Headphones

I hope you enjoy the video :D!
Was excited to see them come in!

Out of the box these sound great!

Initial impressions:
-Tighter bass than the XB700’s – Very punchy!
-Closer to the sound / More upfront with mids/highs
-Look the part!

-Not as comfortable as the XB700’s
-Don’t have a wide sound stage like the 700’s
-Leak more than the 700’s
-Little more flimsy than the 700’s

Obviously they need to burn-in: My Denon AH-C710’s didn’t have a good bass nor a good soundstage when I first got them out of the box – over time they got MUCH MUCH better!

Thank you to i-Mego for choosing me to review them!

Link to their website


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