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FREE-D Ditto 22W Bluetooth Vibration Speaker – A speaker that transforms your furniture into a speaker

First and foremost, I would like to thank the very kind gentlemen, Joemar, over from Eagle’s World for sending me the product for review. The FREE-D Ditto, can also be bought from their Amazon store for £180, and also can be bought internationally too.

Now unto the product itself – The Ditto is my first ever vibration speaker I have ever owned; they do it’s a first for everything, and a vibration speaker is a first for me! Now the technology behind a vibration speaker, has been around for a little while, but has never been successful, simply due to its reasonably higher cost for the performance given, in comparison to your ordinary, conventional dynamic speaker. An example of a dynamic, portable, speaker would be the X-mini, which took the world by storm with its small size, with a large sound. In other words it packed quite a punch and was affordable for the “masses”.

Will the Ditto change that? Well let’s see just that, in this review!

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