12 thoughts on “How to Flash – ARIO Rom V3.3 JW4

  1. Sinke

    I noticed that you put the reviews for many types of firmware
    Are they specific to certain countries or they can put any on your machine
    Ario, Amestris, AOKP or have to use Ginger which Kies ordered it self after I flash the stock firmware

      1. Sinke

        Where to find Semaphore 2.7.4 (without scbm) because you said that i put it like that
        and also i downloaded the rom in 3 files: blue, ics and st, but i saw you put only one zip file, witch one do i choose or i need all of them in one joined file

          1. TotallydubbedHD Post author

            ext4 is a file partition, you don’t flash it, but rather convert your partition to a ext4 one. This is done via recovery, or the ext4 app, via CWM, AFTER you have flashed the rom!

        1. TotallydubbedHD Post author

          Hi there,

          Well it sounds like those are roms and then themes? Whatever you do, don’t join anything.
          Semaphore wise – it might have changed by now, so choose the latest one, for the build :)!

          1. Sinke

            Tnx for the explain
            currently doing well and I think that I will not do anything because I have not yet sufficiently proficient in programming languages ​​and programming in general

  2. Sinke

    Do you know how to unlock phone on all networks
    I wish to use diferent provider, and can it be undone after so samsung could not know of it

  3. Sinke

    please help
    i f…. up something
    i am using ario rom and usb sharing was working ok
    now it no longer works, what to do
    should i flash again


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